How is Surfing in Canada Like?

You must be thinking about surfing the web or something because you surely can’t surf in Canada, right? Well…that’s exactly what I did.

In Tofino, British Colombia, you can enjoy surfing the breaking waves all year round. It’s a great surf spot with lots of bars, an endless coastline, and even a taco shack named Tacofino.

It’s in this taco restaurant where I met my new friend, Onni.


Onni is from Finland, and he is a real surf maniac. This dude has been all over the world chasing waves, and he sure has some stories to tell.

When surfing in Tofino, the water temperature is between 5 and 7 degrees Celsius all year round. This requires you to, at least, wear a wetsuit or a dry suit to prevent you from turning into a frozen popsicle. But not Onni. He showed up at the beach in swim trunks and a t-shirt, saying: kasino ilman rekisteröintiä in a mysterious Finnish language. I was convinced that these words represented a bold statement or even a mantra, like; “fortune favors the brave” or “there is no spoon,” or something like that. I later found out that I wasn’t even close.

When I told Onni about the water temperature with clattering teeth in my zipped-up dry suit, he replied: “that’s how we enjoy a hot tub in Finland.”

Surfs’ up dude

So we hit the waves, and man, I am telling you, this guy could surf! He was catching on waves before they even showed up as a wrinkle upon the horizon. While I was lying flat on my board, trying to calculate the distance between a slight wave and a huge break, this guy was flying past me on a surf of foam while shouting, “oh yeah, dude, come on and join the party”! Can you believe this guy? It’s not that he was raised in Maui or something like that.

Later, when we were shaking off the adrenaline on the beach, I asked him where he picked up surfing. He replied: “YouTube.” “Sorry, what”? “It’s on the internet, dude, there’s this website called YouTube, and you can find all sorts of stuff on there.” I interrupted him, raising my palms towards him, explaining that I sure knew what YouTube is. “But how can you learn how to surf by just watching videos”?

Seeing is believing

Onni explained this over a cold beer and greasy taco. He told me that you could set your mind to anything you want to, and that includes surfing too. “So,” he continued with a guacamole smeared face, “by watching videos or reading books, you can get confident enough to set your mind to it.” “The rest is just about just doing it, instead of imagining it.” There it was, all the wisdom of the universe in a taco shack in a tucked-away town in Canada. “Is that what it says on your t-shirt? Some Buddhist phrase or inspiring quote”? Onni broke out in messy laughter and almost choked in his beer. “No, dude, that’s just a shirt I got from an online casino where I try my luck once in a while.”

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