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Stacked Workout Tracker Review: A Good Companion

Stacked Fitness App Review

People take up work-out and join gyms for different reasons. Some do it to gain muscle, some do it to tone their physique and some just to lose some weight. Whatever the reason is, it’s very important to have an elaborate and effective work-out routine in place. Joining a gym alone isn’t enough. Many people employ the expertise of a personal trainer to formulate a work-out routine and help them through it, although this is often expensive. Between the options of hiring a personal trainer and doing it yourself, people often choose the latter.

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A healthy work-out requires more than just the regular use of gym equipment; it requires a system, a routine of increasingly difficult exercises that help you maintain a healthy body and give it the look you desire.

What if you could do the work-out by yourself and be guided by a personal trainer at the same time? The ‘Stacked’ App is this solution. Developed and designed to be the convenient, efficient and inexpensive at the same time, the Stacked App is a great alternative to hiring a personal trainer or figuring it out alone.

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The Stacked App Process

The workouts formulated by the application vary according to the user and the user’s ability. It is tailored to meet the capability of every user. Accordingly, these workouts are classified into the groups: Basics, FITing In, and Stacked. The Basics stage is meant for people who are new and haven’t much experience working out. FITing In is meant for the average person and is ideal to be a regular workout routine.  The Stacked stage is for bodybuilders or people who wish to be.

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Features and Advantages

Some of the aspects that sets Stacked apart from other work-out guide apps are the advanced algorithms and the highly acclaimed levelling system it uses. This system helps you keep track of your progress in your workout and helps you advance in difficulty. Another feature that resonates with the users of the app is the animation demonstration videos made available to the users through the app. This according to the users is much easier to comprehend than the demonstrative figures. Users can learn to use gym equipment and learn exercises with these videos.

The app allows the user to maintain a comfortable pace in the workout while also slowly advancing in difficulty. It eases the users into intense workouts and dietary challenges.

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