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Self-Care 101: 7 Healthy Habits to Prevent Burnout

Are you feeling helpless and exhausted every day? Do you find it stressful to meet constant demands at home or work? Burnout is becoming quite common these days because of prolonged stress. 

The 7 Self Care Tips to Help You Prevent Burnout

We recommend that if you feel overwhelmed with everyday activities and constantly losing your energy, here are seven self-care tips that can help you think, feel positive and be back on track.

1. Shut down and Reboot

If you’ve been feeling empty and lacking focus to do everyday tasks, switch off from all the activities and relax. Take time off and go on a long drive or a mental-detox vacation. If you think you need more time to recharge, disconnect yourself for a while till you’re refreshed. Plan your day out, but don’t be so hard on yourself to complete everything on the list.

Start your day slow, and get a few things done. Avoid multitasking and take breaks from people that don’t add value to your life. For more tips, check out easyalliedhealth.ca.

2. Never Compromise Sleep

If you’ve been working day and night for a project without getting 7 hours of sleep, know that poor sleep can put you at risk. Sleep deprivation leads to slow thinking, hinders decision-making skills, and lowers your attention span.

So, compromising sleep doesn’t make you any productive. Schedule your day well, so you finish your tasks during the day to get 7-8 hours of sleep. You need time to recharge, so always prioritize sleep even if you have a lot of pending work.

3. Don’t Skip Any Meals

Maybe you have an important meeting in the afternoon, or you’re late to work in the morning, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip your breakfast and lunch and prioritize your work over your health. Skipping meals may not have short-term effects, but it sure does affect your health in the future. Don’t rely on caffeine a lot to keep your energy levels high.

Set a routine, stick to it every day, and ensure you have enough meal time every day. Also, have a balanced diet because sometimes you may not be getting the proper nutrients, leading to burnout.

4. Exercise Regularly

 If you have been putting off going to the gym or your morning walk because you find no time, well, make time for it! Go for a 20-minute walk in the morning or maybe in the evening. Exercising improves the quality of your sleep and also promotes a healthy life. It boosts your mood and keeps you energetic throughout the day. The more your body feels good, the more you feel better too.

5. Practice Mindfulness

Try to have a hobby and spend time on things you’re genuinely passionate about. Indulge in your favorite activities, such as reading a book or filling up your journal. It will help you slow down and relax. Practicing mindfulness is very important to lead a healthy life and de-clutter your mind. It relaxes you and puts your mind at ease. Maybe you life journaling in the morning? Or perhaps you like painting? Set aside time to do these every day and see how they can positively impact you.

6. Have Professional Boundaries

Self-care is more about setting boundaries, whether it’s professional or personal. It’s so important to have professional boundaries to lead a healthy life. Overworking or feeling overwhelmed is not suitable for your mental health. Dealing with tight deadlines and working past your work time can hinder your work-life.

If there’s pressure from your manager or the need to accomplish better than your co-workers, slow down take time off work for a while. Prioritize yourself and set a boundary, so you don’t work beyond your work hours or please your manager.

7. Spend time with your Loved Ones

Spending time with your loved ones can lift your mood. It’s a part of social self-care. Be around people you can trust and reach out to them if you need any help. It improves your mental health and also creates strong bonds. While disconnecting with people is essential for self-care, spending time with people you love can positively impact you. So, try to spend enough time with your friends and family for better mental health.

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