Sanofi’s iBGStar Diabetes Manager App

iBGStar Diabetes Manager App
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iBGStar Diabetes Manager App Review

People today are just too busy to pay attention to monitor their health. Any attempts to make them pay attention have to be simple, easy and fast. People with diabetes have this same problem – except they can’t simply postpone paying attention to their condition. But this doesn’t mean that their mobility should be reduced. Diabetes patients also have the right to be as independent as medicine and technology can offer.

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Use a familiar tool

It’s really not debatable of whether apps are better known to the wide public than medical equipment, so it’s quite a good idea to use them when untrained people need to check their own health. The iBGStar Diabetes Manager App shines here as a great idea: the user connects the phone and the device, and from then on can work in a familiar setting. The transfer happens automatically. The app lets the user see the data in charts so the trends can be analysed and problems treated in time.

It makes a healthcare professional’s work easier as well: it doesn’t just connect easily with the patient’s devices, but it also makes sharing the information much easier and faster. You can get real time updates on the state of your patients, letting you give advice faster than ever.

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Using the app

No need to worry about the learning curve, the app is quite intuitive. And in case you find you have difficulty with something, the “Info” button gets you to settings and help on how to use the app. The “Share” button can be reached easily to increase speed of communication between patient and professional. You can also choose how to visualise the information: tapping on “Data” lets the user choose from Trend Chart, Logbook or Statistics.

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Easy Scoring System

The scorecard contains three tabs to monitor the levels: the glucose tab, naturally, is the one to store the glucose readings. Data can be obtained through the phone automatically, but the app allows manual insertion. The Carbs tab records the amount of consumed carbohydrates, and the Insulin tab records the amount and type of insulin taken at a specific time.

Record Time Quickly

Time is recorded on all records automatically to avoid mistakes. It is also possible to add an unlimited number of predefined and custom notes. You can tell your patient to record exercise, medication, diet or anything you consider important.

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Visualize Easily

The scorecards can be visualised with a few touches as diagrams so the data can be analysed more easily. The Logbook lets the user visualise the readings over multiple days. Set the definitions to see which mealtime values show up. The values are colour-coded: white is within normal range, yellow is over hyperglycemic, pink is under hypoglycemic levels.

Statistics provides a summery for up to 90 days. You can look at average values you recorded, standard deviation to check the consistency of the readings or the number of test in a period of time. Trend Chart is also colour-coded.

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Fast communication

Sending the data through emails is just a few taps. The user chooses the amount of data to send, and the logbook will be included in the body of the email you will get. It doesn’t just make communication faster but also more reliable. It also makes the patient less forgetful: while people don’t always check their glucose levels, they do use their phones almost constantly, so that will remind them. Or if they don’t, a reminder from the doctor can get an answer in a few minutes.

So, what do you think of the app? Do you intend to download it? We would love to get your comments.

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