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Runtastic Pro Review

What is stopping you from getting fit? Is it because you are too lazy? Or because you just don’t have the right motivation?  Few people run, but almost every person has got a phone that they check almost constantly, play on it or communicate with others.

If you can’t beat it, join it

The creators of Runtastic Pro have probably recognised this strength that the phones and apps have, and decided to use it for a good goal. As a doctor, you probably have already seen how mere words are quite ineffective when prescribing more physical activity for your patients. So you have this same problem that Runtastic Pro addresses: getting people develop healthy habits with the help of modern technology. Let’s take a look at why this gives you even more possibilities than you used to have before apps.

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Runtastic Pro – A trainer in the pocket

Using Runtastic Pro will provide with tools that until now weren’t really available for every doctor and patient and were mostly found only around facilities of professional athletes. It’s simpler than ever now to get a cheap heart rate monitor and connect it to the app, independently of the platform. So if your patient needs that, or you just want to be sure that heart rate is withing healthy levels, you have plenty of cheap, reachable and reliable solutions.

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Real Time Updates

If necessary, you can follow your patient’s performance in real time or later. The mere awareness of the fact that you can check them will motivate patients much more than just words. Also, if they can see how well they performed in the past, you can make them increase the challenge a bit daily for a smooth transition to more demanding challenges. For this same reason you can add customised programs for workouts, and the app can even cheer for the patient for a bit more motivation.

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Easy Workout Options

Naturally, if you are lacking the time to follow your patients individually, you can set up the workout and let family members or friends help the patient with the rest. Community is a strong galvanising force. We listen more to friends than we do to a piece of paper or to a dumb piece of software. Alternatively, your patients can even form groups based on the training they need. People can cope better with their problems if they see that others have the same condition and they can work together for a solution.

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Great Many Activities to Choose From

Don’t worry for the range of activities, there are 28 different activities to choose from the Activity Tab. That should be more than enough for any set of conditions. This also means you can combine workouts depending on nt just the condition but also on the weather, climate, temperature, landscape and so on.

Using apps has truly become the norm of the majority of society. This means using apps correctly can be a goldmine for health care. Why not start using Runtastic right now?

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