Know Thyself: Questions to Ask Yourself


Do you seriously take some effort trying to know yourself? If you answer with a no, then please try asking some mind-opening questions that examine the kind of life you are living.

Self-questioning trains you to be introspective. The more you ask questions, the more you recognize yourself. The more you recognize yourself, the higher you reside. It also matters the kind of questions you ask yourself as it is powerful in determining the kind of life you lead.

If you are self-aware, you can accurately evaluate yourself, control your emotions, follow your behavior with your values and know precisely how others recognize you. 

This article will focus on the top 10 questions to ask yourself that place your life under a magnifier, making you think deeply of yourself. Answering these questions gives a new meaning to your life, shapes the right direction to be headed, acknowledges your hidden potential, and opens you up to new experiences.


1. Who Am I?

who am i

“Who am I?” is way identical to “What is your identity?” It resembles one of the simplest questions to ask yourself, but it surprisingly takes your whole life to answer. Your identity is the all-encompassing system of memories, experience, feelings, thoughts, relationships, and values that define who you truly are.

Trying to know your inner self may be a tricky process. It is completely different from the social identities that describe your relationship as a friend, employee, partner, or son/daughter.

Here are some steps that make you know your true “self”:

  • Be quiet and examine what you truly are and not what you want to be.
  • Jot down your values and qualities that are important to you.
  • Get some feedback and also try to find out your true passion.
  • Create your life timeline.
  • Observe your feelings and make sense of your past.


2. Am I a Human Being or a Human Doing?

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It is one of the most frightening questions to ask yourself, which you may never choose to answer. Most people live from a place of doing (living through the mind), however, the standard of our life resides in our being (living through the spirit). In other words, living through the mind is fear-based, whereas living through the spirit is love-based.

You are not a human doing, and you are a human being. Therefore, take a break from all that chasing and surviving actions and experience what it feels like to be truly alive. Living along with your being is moving forward amorously in your heart.

Sense your true spirit by asking these three questions to yourself:

  1. Are you satisfying your desire?
  2. Can you admit the flaws and defects in your body and mind?
  3. Can you preferable concentrate on servicing others?


3. Am I Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

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This is one of the fundamental questions to ask yourself, which involves various aspects of your health. Health is the state of social, physical, and mental well-being and not solely the absence of disease. Having good health supports you achieve all you are after.

A healthy lifestyle is commonly viewed as having seven dimensions of health as described below:

  1. Spiritual wellness: The spiritual dimension of health paves way for finding the meaning and purpose of your life and developing the belief, faith, hope/will to live.
  2. Physical wellness: The physical dimension of health takes proper care of your body by functioning each organ perfectly and working in harmony with the maximum capacity.
  3. Emotional wellness: The emotional dimension of health refers to mental health, which is the ability to feel and express human emotions like joy, hope, love, anger, and sadness.
  4. Career wellness: The career dimension of health is achieving personal fulfillment through the chosen career fields while still maintaining balance in life.
  5. Intellectual wellness: The intellectual dimension of health helps in encouraging creative ideas and stimulating mental activities.
  6. Environmental wellness: The environmental dimension of health encompasses the awareness of nature, your environment, and your immediate surroundings.
  7. Social wellness: The social dimension of health provides maintenance of harmonious relationships with other members of society in which you live.

Analyze whether you follow all of the 7 dimensions of wellness to live a life that makes up for a healthy lifestyle.


4. Do I Do What I am Supposed To Be Doing?

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 If you want to do something, and yet you haven’t made an effort – that means you don’t really want to do it. Do things that enrich your knowledge and actions that add value to your life.

This is one of the questions to ask yourself to check whether you are pursuing actions that you have planned to achieve in your life. If not, here are a few steps to follow that makes you do what you are supposed to be doing:

  1. Gather inspiration from others by learning how they reached their goals.
  2. Come up with an action plan that specifies what you want to achieve each step of the way.
  3. Move forward with your goals, evaluate how the plan is functioning, and look for feedback.
  4. Celebrate your accomplishments by rewarding yourself, as it facilitates you to be motivated and focused thus you will keep going.


5. What Is Mine? Why?

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This is one of the vital questions to ask yourself as it gives the aim, cause, or belief that drives you on a path of finding success. Your “why” is a purposeful statement that describes why you do the work you do and why you live the lifestyle you do.

You’re why shouldn’t cause you to feel stressed; rather, it ought to motivate you to become a better person. Your “why” shouldn’t be the choices that you took for the work you presently do. Your “why” comes within you. It should compel you to perform the task you wish to do, notwithstanding it needs some sacrifice.

While moving in that path, you may face a lot of failures before experiencing the first victory. However, you should still feel driven to pursue the work you wish to do as it gives meaning and purpose in life. Your focus will not get distracted anywhere else. You work wholly determined, and it turns out to be your real identity. That is your true “why.”

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6. What Is My Biggest Failure and What Did I Learn From It?

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Life is a remarkable game that doesn’t guarantee that success will be on your aspect at each round. Failure is the stepping stone towards success. Thus it would help if you never forgot the lesson learned by each failure. You open yourself up to find out from failures as it teaches you unique and very important lessons.
Examine the circumstances and look over the values that made you bounce back. Keep on trying till you succeed and you are declared a victor. It is one of the questions to ask yourself to find out your biggest failure in life and get to know what you learned from that failure.


7. Am I Grateful for What I Have?

Am I grateful for what I have book

Life is like a race where you keep chasing to attain your goals and purpose in life, but it is also important to step back and be thankful for what you have.

Gratitude is the attitude to appreciate everything that you have in your life. Gratitude can be expressed in words, looks, and deeds. Nurturing gratitude doesn’t take much time, and the benefits obtained are enormous.

Researchers show that the attitude of gratitude comes with the following benefits:

  • increases your mental strength.
  • Improves your self-esteem.
  • Contributes to an overall sense of well-being.
  • Improves your friendship.
  • Increases social support.
  • It makes you more optimistic.

So, this is one of the questions to ask yourself that makes you aware of your past, brings harmony for today, and creates a sight for tomorrow.


8. Where Do I Want To Be in the Next 10 Years?

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This is one of the questions to ask yourself, whose answer would be unpredictable if you don’t set a goal or purpose in life. Asking yourself this question permits you to set goals and structure a detailed plan of what you want to accomplish in your life.

Living  life without a goal is like sailing a ship without knowing the destination. Goal setting is a powerful thinking process as it discovers what you want in life and motivates you to turn this vision of the future into reality. Leading the life that you dreamt about is the greatest achievement of your life.

One of the key to set clear and achievable goals is to follow the SMART mnemonic:

  • S – specific
  • M – measurable
  • A – attainable
  • R – relevant
  • T – time-bound


9. If I Were To Die Tomorrow, What Would I Matter the Most?

Life will not wait - scrabble titles.

This situation would never make you spend your time mindlessly watching TV or scrolling through Facebook. Probably, you would spend time with your family or catch up with that friend whom you thought of meeting for a long time or if you had feelings for someone, you would go to him/her and express your love, and you don’t even care about rejection as you have only a few hours to live. The bitter fact is, you never know when you will die. So, why do you do useless things that waste your time?

If today was your last day on earth, do things that you always wanted to do. Wanna go for an adventure? Wanna give a warm hug to your parents? Wanna express your love to your crush? Wanna cry out loud? Go ahead. There is nothing to restrict you from doing the things you love. Try to live each day to the fullest as if it were your last. Finding such kinds of questions to ask yourself showcases the “real” you.


10. How Happy Am I?

Woman holding a smiley balloon

Do you enjoy and experience every minute of your life? Happiness cannot be described in words, and it can be felt from someone’s expression of a smile. Happiness is very simple to feel and hard to describe.

Happy people are those who lead prosperous and optimistic life. Question yourself whether you are a happy person or pretending to be a happy person? Nothing can buy you happiness unless and until you feel it within yourself. Many people try to find happiness in the outer world which is the main reason for this failure.

Practice to achieve the state of complete happiness by proceeding with the steps given:

  • The simplest start to happiness is being loved.
  • Thank God for all the good things that you have in your life.
  • Surround yourself with good people who boost up positivity in your life.
  • Stop blaming for the incidents that drove you to the wrong path and start setting new goals in life.
  • Focus on the good aspects of any situation.


And these are the 10 questions to ask yourself where answering it will take you into deep insights and gives a new meaning to your life. Spend some time to know more about yourself, determining whether your life is headed in the proper direction.

Taking steps to discover your inner potential will open you up to new experiences. These are the questions to ask yourself to improve self-awareness. So, what do you wait for? Go ahead and try to answer all the questions. By the by, among all, what is the one question that was so complicated to answer?

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