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8 Best Iron-Rich Foods for Pregnancy

Iron is known to be very good for the growth of our hair. People who eat a lot of iron-rich foods have healthier and darker hair. Iron is also very good for our eyes and heart. Not only this, but iron is also good for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body needs a lot more iron as well as other nutrients for the healthy development of the fetus inside the womb.

Pregnancy is a very crucial stage for a woman. During that time special care must be taken. For having a healthy pregnancy, pregnant women must eat certain iron-rich foods for pregnancy and remain a little extra conscious and try to maintain a very good and nutritious diet.

Eating iron-rich foods will help in the proper development of the baby. It also improves the health of the woman. Besides iron deficiency can lead to a lot of health problems.

That is why it is very important to know what are iron-rich foods for pregnancy. Apart from iron, prenatal vitamin is also very good for a pregnant woman.

Some women might have the risk of developing iron deficiency which is also known as anemia. To prevent this situation, mostly doctors prescribe calcium supplements as well as iron supplements to pregnant women. The more red blood cells the body will produce the healthier will be its functioning. Eating foods high in iron will also help in the creation of more iron in the body.

During pregnancy, the body must have the right number of prenatal vitamins so that the development of the baby is good. This will also help in disease control and keep the body fit and healthy. Apart from that, childbearing age is a very tender age and the body must be protected and taken care of properly.

Taking iron supplements might also help in fulfilling the iron requirement of your body. But there are a lot of alternatives available. For instance, one can very easily consume iron-rich foods and get other nutrients as well. If you are buying iron-rich foods from supermarkets then do check the nutrition labels.

If anyone does not eat a properly balanced diet then there is a high chance that they might have iron deficiency or anemia.

Symptoms of anemia include:

  • weakness
  • laziness
  • pain in the body

That is why is advised to eat a lot of iron-rich food which will boost your immunity.

Some of the best iron-rich foods for pregnancy include dark chocolate, spinach, fruits, seeds, nuts, meat, beef, salmon, and other fishes, green leafy vegetables like spinach, lentils, and other such foods. Intake of these food materials will create enough iron for your body.

Iron-rich foods are very important and they must not be avoided during pregnancy. But it is also very necessary to know the types of iron. iron is of two types: –

  1. Heme iron: – heme iron is found mainly in animal sources. One can get heme iron from fish. Animal proteins are also a good source of heme iron.
  2. Non-heme iron: – non-heme iron is also a very important form of iron. It can be found in green vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Non-heme iron is found in plant sources.

Some of the Best Iron-Rich Foods for Pregnancy are

1. Lean beef

Lean beef is a very good source of iron. It is one of the best iron-rich foods for pregnancy. If cooked nicely it tastes very good.

Cooking lean beef is quite difficult but the right way will save a lot of time. Besides, it must be cooked very properly because uncooked or carefully cooked beef might be a little dangerous to the health of people.

There is a slight risk of developing a bacterial infection if the meat or beef is not cooked properly. A small portion of beef contains a lot of iron so it will fulfill the iron requirements of a pregnant woman.

2. Spinach

iron-rich foods for pregnancy
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Cooked spinach is another very good source of iron-rich foods for pregnancy. it helps in increasing the count of red blood cells. In the Indian subcontinent, fresh spinach can be easily found in the market during the winter.

It is very easy to cook spinach. It can also be a very good source of vitamin C. It will help you in increasing the iron levels in your body which are required for both you and your baby.

3. Chicken

Chicken is also a very good source of iron-rich foods for pregnancy. Chicken must be cooked nicely and it must also be cleaned very nicely before cooking. If these precautions are not taken then it might result in some sort of stomach infection.

In the case of pregnant women, these norms must be followed more strictly. Apart from iron, chicken is also a very good source of other nutrients.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is a very good iron-rich food for pregnancy. Some women might not like the taste of broccoli. But it contains a lot of nutrients and will help your body in creating a lot of iron.

5. Fruits

iron-rich foods for pregnancy
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Fruits are a good source of iron-rich foods for pregnancy. Some of the fruits rich in iron are watermelon and strawberries and others. It is advised the doctors that pregnant women must include a lot of fruits in their diet.

Apart from this, fruits like apples, bananas, and mango are also good for pregnancy. These fruits help in the proper and all-around development of the baby. Eating iron-rich fruits will help in maintaining the iron levels in the body.

6. Dry Fruits

iron-rich foods for pregnancy
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When a woman is pregnant then the body needs more iron and that is why the iron intake must be increased. Dry fruits are a good source of iron-rich foods for pregnancy.

Dried fruit tastes very good and can be cooked in various forms. For example, some people like roasted dried fruits whereas others like to take it in milk and there are various other ways also. Eating dry fruits will boost iron absorption.

7. Seeds

Certain types of seeds are also known as good sources of iron-rich foods for pregnancy. Seeds will also increase the iron absorption of the blood cells. Just a small number of seeds will help you in getting your daily iron dose.

Kidney beans are a very good source of iron. Pumpkin seeds also help in increasing the amount of iron in the body. These seeds are very easily available in the market. But before buying the seeds one needs to check the details of the product.

But do not start eating these seeds blindly. If you are allergic to any of the dry fruits or seeds then you must consult your doctor.

8. Fortified Cereals

Cereals are yet another source of iron-rich foods for pregnancy. For most people, cereals are delicious breakfast food. These days cereals are available in various creative forms. One can easily get a cereal bar from the supermarket.

Cereals help in the all-round development of the human body. They are a kind of vegan food and will increase absorption of the iron.

 Some Other Iron-Rich Foods for Pregnancy:

iron-rich foods for pregnancy
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Many foods are rich in iron. White beans are another good example of food sources rich in iron. Orange juice, dark chocolate, wheat bread, wheat germ, fortified grains, bell peppers, and cooked kale are some good iron-rich sources for pregnant women.

Citrus fruits help in increasing the amount of iron in the body. A pregnant woman must get her iron status checked from time to time. This will keep her as well as the baby safe. The blood volume must be adequate in the body. Oranges and lemon juices are rich in Vitamin C which is very good for the body.

But one should be very cautious while eating iron-rich foods. This is because some food might not suit the body of a person. In other cases, women might develop allergies which might affect the health of the baby.

An iron supplement might help in increasing the iron in one’s body. But in certain cases, it might also hurt the body which is why it is advised to stick to natural sources or iron. And if they do not work, then consult a good doctor.

Apart from this, a pregnant woman must have a well-balanced diet that includes all the nutrients that are required by the body so that the baby develops properly.


It is better to eat a lot of food rich in iron and protect yourself from developing anemia. Anemia can cause a lot of adverse effects on the body. If the daily iron requirements of the body are not met then it will not function properly.

Folic acid requirements of the body must also be met. This can be achieved with the help of the above-mentioned sources of iron-rich foods for pregnancy.

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