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How To Use Pendulum: Top 16 Amazing Spiritual Facts

The first question that comes to mind when you think of a pendulum is “How to use pendulum?” So here we have a thorough guide to how to use a pendulum.

You can basically use the pendulum in two ways.

You can use it to link to your subconscious mind and connect to your spirit guides. It is basically a kind of magical tool which works the way you want to use it. Its use totally depends on you. So, that is why it is suggested that you should know how to use a pendulum.

It would help if you tried to use a pendulum because it may prove a great way to find out your own choice in life. It may help you know what you should really do or about your own desires hidden somewhere.

How To Use Pendulum: The Ultimate Spiritual Guide

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1. How To Use Pendulum: What Is A Pendulum?

A pendulum is a tool in which there is a crystal or some other object attached to the chain’s end. And this weight on end is known as the bob.

2. How To Use Pendulum: How To Use Pendulum?

You have to hold the pendulum between your index finger and thumb and notice the pendulum’s movement carefully to get your answers. So, this is how to use the pendulum properly.

3. How To Use Pendulum: All About The Art Of Pendulum

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A pendulum is an act of utilizing a weight dangling from a string or a chain to respond to questions that you or others have. The pendulum is joined to one end of a chain, and the opposite end is grasped by the one who is using it.

And now you ask a question and notice the movement of the pendulum. Its movement in different directions gives your answer. It’s a straightforward practice that is really very simple. So, this is how to use the pendulum properly.

4. How To Use Pendulum: The Idea Behind Using A Pendulum

There are basically three ideas behind using the pendulum by people. Those are:

  • It is said that evil spirits are messing with your mind and dragging you towards the wrong path.
  • It is also said that by using a pendulum, you tend to combine your energy with the spiritual realm to get knowledge from the higher realm.
  • It is also said that a pendulum increases instinct and shows this through its movement.

So, that is why it is suggested that you should know how to use pendulum properly.

5. How To Use Pendulum: What Is A Pendulum Used For?

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The pendulum is used for several things. Some of those are:

  • To get answers to the questions which are basically related to the future of a person.
  • For finding lost objects like pets.
  • To find water.
  • It has spiritual uses too.
  • It is used for healing purposes too.
  • It is also used for purifying the negative energy from a room on. You must know how to use a pend for all these reasons.

6. How To Use Pendulum: Types Of Pendulum Available

How To Use Pendulum: For Beginners

Go for a medium-weight pendulum. Don’t go for too light as it may be too sensitive and not too heavy as there are chances that it may react very slowly.

How To Use Pendulum: Sephoroton Pendulum

Not much error is expected in its use and results. It may be used to know about health, money, or love.

How To Use Pendulum: Triangular Pendulum

It is basically used by people who are interested in numerology.

How To Use Pendulum: Chambered Pendulum

These have a hollow hole in them. In this hole, you can put some or the other belonging of the person about whom you want to know.

How To Use Pendulum: Isis Pendulum

It is used in astrology charts.

How To Use Pendulum: Chakra Pendulum

These are basically known for healing and balancing the body chakras. For this reason, at least you should know how to use a pendulum.

How To Use Pendulum: Spiral Pendulum

These are basically good for knowing about your own life. You can gain answers to your questions that are related to you.

7. How Pendulum Was Used In The Past

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In the past, pendulums were used by many people for different reasons. Those were as follows:

  • Doctors used pendulums in the past for performing diagnoses.
  • Pendulums were used in the past to locate gold and water in different areas.
  • Even the pendulums were used for divination. And this was around 5,000 years ago. It became prevalent in the Middle Ages.
  • Pendulums were believed to be magic by the ancient Egyptians.
  • And pendulums were used by Romans for their divine guidance to help them get solutions to their problems.
  • Even people used pendulums to determine the sex of the unborn child in the past.

So, that is why it is suggested that you should know how to use a pendulum.

8. How To Use Pendulum: How To Make A Pendulum At Home

It’s not an issue if you can’t afford a new pendulum.

You can make a pendulum very easily at home itself. It would be best if you had a string or necklace or a chain. Anything from these three would do. And what you need next is a small weight tied at one end of your chain or string.

Something like a ring, locket, key, or any small weight would do for the purpose.

Now you need to tie this small weight on one end of your string or the chain, and you are ready with your pendulum. You can absolutely use it after knowing how to use a pendulum for getting answers to your questions.

9. How To Use Pendulum: How Does A Pendulum Work?

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The pendulum works on your thought process. Many people believe that the pendulum is a way to connect to your subconscious mind. And some believe that it works with you to retract information from your spiritual guides.

The information here is the answers to your questions which you get with the help of a pendulum. So, this is why you should know how to use a pendulum.

Just remember not to swing the pendulum on your own but to let it swing on its own. And in this way, you would get your answers with the help of your subconscious mind.

10. Is The Answer Retracted Form The Pendulum Always Right?

It basically depends on the energy you transfer to the pendulum while using it. You have to be really very patient with the pendulum while using it because anxiousness and too much excitement may not provide you with the right answer.

You have to be calm and patient if you really want to get the right response from the pendulum.

To get the right response from the pendulum, take a deep breath, clear all your thoughts, and try to relax before using the pendulum. This may prove good for you. So, that is why you should know how to use a pendulum.

11. Different Directional Swings Of A Pendulum

  • Vertical straight lines
  • Horizontal straight lines
  • Front and back
  • Circular motions
  • Side by side
  • Clockwise
  • Counterclockwise
  • An elliptical movement
  • Bobbing movement up and down

12. How To Cleanse Pendulum?

Since the pendulum is a spiritual tool, you have to clean it how all the spiritual tools are cleaned. You can obviously run them through the smoke of your sage or palo santo. This cleanses your pendulum and makes it ready for another use.

13. How Does Pendulum Help With The Process Of Healing?

Pendulums help in the process of healing by making the person feel drowsy. This process eventually brings out negative energies. This process connects people with the higher energies and pulls out all the negative energy from the person who eventually leads to healing.

Pendulums help to relieve a person from all of his pain. The pain may be physical or emotional. The pendulum helps heal through the chakras and find the balance between mind, body, and spirit. So, that is why you should know how to use a pendulum.

14. Which Crystal Is Best For A Pendulum?

There are many choices when it comes to a crystal pendulum, but if it is not a crystal pendulum the go for the one to which you are easily able to connect.

Quartz is the best crystal for any pendulum. Quartz is really very clear, and it works in the perfect way, which we really expect from a pendulum.

15. How To Ask A Question To Your Pendulum While Using It?

Always remember to phrase your question properly while using a pendulum. Never give the pendulum two options in a question because that’s not what your pendulum can answer.

Rather ask the same question by breaking it into two. Because your pendulum can only answer is “yes” or “no,” it can’t speak as we humans do.

So to ask the questions, you should first know how to use a pendulum.

16. When Does The Pendulum Not Work Properly

It is obviously possible that your pendulum doesn’t work properly in many situations. There can be many reasons behind it. Here are some reasons which are listed below which you should know before using the pendulum.

  • If you have not phrased your questions properly, then your pendulum may not work properly. You have to make your questions very simple.
  • You have to be really relaxed and calm while using it. If you are not relaxed, then you may not get the right answers.
  • Always remember you are not tired, agitated, or emotional while using the pendulum.
  • Remember to maintain a distance from electrical objects because their high frequencies may disturb the movement of pendulum.
  • You have to concentrate properly to get your answers right from the pendulum.

So, that is why it is suggested that you should know how to use pendulum properly.

So here you are ready with the whole guide to “How to use Pendulum?” And you are now all set to use the pendulum and try your hands on it. It is perfect practice and will lead you to a positive state of mind. It really helps you to stay positive.