How To Remove Tartar From Teeth At Home? 11 Easy Tips


Tartar being formed on teeth is a rather common issue these days. Due to which people are looking for ways on how to remove tartar from teeth at home. If the tartar formed on teeth stays there for a long time, it may lead to decay or rot in the teeth. So it must be removed as soon as possible.

What Is Tartar?

How to remove tartar from teeth at home
Tartar formed on teeth.

Tartar or calculus is a yellowish harden coat that is formed on the teeth. It usually occurs when the remains of food particles are leftover on the gum line, a sticky layer is developed, which is called plaque. When the plaque isn’t prevented, the layer hardens up and forms tartar or calculus. If it is not prevented it can lead to gum diseases, tooth enamel and Cavities. Tartar is terrible for the teeth and gums.

How Is Tartar Formed On The Teeth?

Our mouth is an open passage for bacteria and microorganisms; these are one of the causes of tartar on our teeth. On the other hand, our mouth vigorously hunts for delicious food, including sugary and oily food. These form a sticky layer on the gum, which causes tartar.

How to remove tartar from teeth at home

In the above image, we can clearly see a yellow-brownish layer formed on teeth, plaque. Tartar is usually seen in Chain smokers and also people who chew tobacco. Avoid putting fingers in your mouth as our hands are the best passage for bacterial organisms.

Also, wash your hands properly before you have your meal. Never eat anything until you brush your teeth. The best way is to floss your teeth twice a day. If you have braces, you can use the water flosser instead of technical flossing. Over flossing can also create plaque, which reaches your gum line and becomes hard, causing tartar. 

Why Tartar And Plaque Should Be Removed?

Tartar and plaque should be removed as it may cause decay and cavities. The plague developed on teeth traps dirty stuff on the teeth enamel and forms harmful acids. If the plaque isn’t treated, it may develop chronic gingivitis and degenerative tooth loss. The patients having health issues may have extreme problems.

Try to get rid of plaque before it hardens up and becomes tartar on your teeth. Dentist says that having poor oral health may lead to diabetes and coronary diseases.

Food Items To Be Avoided 

  1. Avoid eating sticky food.
  2. Crunchy or flaky food can stick on your teeth.
  3. Sugary food. 
  4. Cold beverages. 
  5. Too oily food.
  6. Sour Candies. It’s not surprising that candy is bad for your mouth.
  7. Bread, and other items containing flour.
  8.  Alcohol.
  9. Ice, it also makes our teeth sensitive. 
  10. Potato Chips.
  11. Dried Fruits.

11 Tips And Methods On How To Remove Tartar From Teeth At Home

How to remove tartar from teeth at home naturally by following ways:

1) White Vinegar To Remove Tartar

How to remove tartar from teeth at home
White vinegar

Take two tablespoons of white vinegar in warm saltwater and gargle it once a day before sleeping. The mixture of this cleans up bacteria or plague on your gums and teeth. Gargling white vinegar also whiten ups the teeth. Overusing white vinegar may damage your teeth as well. 

2) Using Orange Peel For Tartar

How to remove tartar from teeth at home
Orange peel

Another method for how to remove tartar from teeth at home is by rubbing the inside of the orange peel on the teeth. Making a paste out of mashed inside part of the peel by adding some water also acts as an antimicrobial growth remedy for tartar or calculus.

This link might help you more to have ideas about how to remove tartar from teeth at home. 

3) Removing Tartar By Baking Soda Or Bicarbonate

how to remove tartar from teeth at home
 Baking soda

The most effective substance is baking soda for the treatment of tartar. Two tablespoons of baking soda and some salt, pour this Powdery mix on a brush and gently brush your teeth once a day. Soda neutralizes the acids formed on the teeth or gum and saves you from the brushing of the doctors have recommended this method to be followed in case of tartar or calculus. Excess use of soda is also harmful to the gum line and teeth enamel. 

Read more about Does baking soda whiten teeth.

4) Brushing Teeth Daily

How to remove tartar from teeth at home
brushing with toothpaste

The prevention of tartar can also be done by brushing our teeth twice daily. This is effective technique how to remove tartar from teeth at home. According to the dentists, brushing teeth after waking up and before sleeping saves us from cavities and bacterial diseases like plaque or tartar.

It’s a myth that using hard bristle brushes may clean your teeth deeply. It will, in fact, damage your gums and makes them bleed. This bleeding creates plaque on your teeth and many gum problems. To brush the teeth effectively, a person can:

  1. Start in the back of the mouth with the top molars.
  2. Use short, circular brush strokes.
  3. Brush the front and back surfaces of all the upper teeth.
  4. Repeat steps 1–3 on the bottom teeth.

5) Sesame Seeds

How to remove tartar from teeth at home
Sesame seeds

Another best way in the discussion of how to remove tartar from teeth at home is chewing a handful of sesame seeds. Do not swallow the seeds after chewing them. You can also take some seeds to brush and gently scrub them on the teeth. This acts as a scrubbing agent and removes dirt from the gum or teeth.

6) Removal Of Tartar With Aloe Vera

How to remove tartar from teeth at home
Edible aloe vera gel

Using edible aloe vera gel on teeth several times a day may expel tartar or plaque from teeth. Take one tablespoon of aloe vera gel, 3 ½ tablespoons of glycerin, 5 tablespoons of preparing pop and lemon oil with some water, scrub it daily in the morning after brushing. This is the most successful way for how to remove tartar from teeth at home.

7) Use of Figs 

how to remove tartar from teeth at home

Chewing figs carries away calculus or tartar. A handful of figs chewed gently over the teeth and gum, which fights up bacteria and keeps us safe from gum diseases. Figs have a great property, and hence how to remove tartar from teeth at home can be done by figs. Anjeer also increases the blood level in our body. 

8) Drinking A Lot Of Freshwater         

how to remove tartar from teeth at home
Drink fresh water

One solution to the question of how to remove tartar from teeth at home is drinking water. Intake of freshwater is the most natural way to avoid teeth infections. Drinking 8-9 glasses of water daily washes away the dirt and plaque from the teeth.

It also helps to prevent the plaque from reaching the teeth enamel. It washes away particles present on the tongue and pours the particles into our stomach. If we drink water, it cleans all the harmful acids present in our saliva and also makes our mouth fresh.

9) Visit Your Dentist Atleast Twice A Year

How to remove tartar from teeth at home
Dental appointment

Regular appointments with your dentist are the key to good oral health. Visiting your dentist every 6 months may keep your dental routine in a proper and well-planned way. You will also have less chance to get plaque or tartar on your teeth. Having appointments several times will not make you search in google that how to remove tartar from teeth at home. 

10) Using Clove And Spices To Get Rid Of Tartar And Plaque

How to remove tartar from teeth at home
Cloves and species

The best way how to remove tartar from teeth at home is to grind up clove spices and then make it a paste, softly brush it over your teeth and leave it for few minutes. Later rinse it out with water. Clove and spices also make your breath fresh. These are some ways and tips to clean tartar from teeth naturally at home. 

11) Dental Flossing Or Technical Flossing:

how to remove tartar from teeth at home

Even though you brush, regularly a few particles of food are left stuck behind in between your teeth. These leftover substances cause plaque, which, when not removed, creates tartar in the mouth. Flossing twice a day before brushing will reach deep in between the teeth and gums, which will prevent plaque. Dentists also recommend flossing every day as it can also improve our oral health. 

The Aftercare

After eliminating build tartar and plaque, the dentist will clean your mouth to get rid of any stuck particles by gently brushing your teeth. Next, the dental professional will polish your teeth to make them smooth and sparkling. But if you are cautious with your oral hygiene and regularly remove the plaque, you can prevent tooth decay and gum diseases.

So, visit your dentist every 6 months to remove any plaque and tartar that might have formed and to prevent further problems. Brush regularly twice a day for oral care. You should also avoid eating food items mentioned above in the article. These natural ways can help you and be the answer to the question of how to remove tartar from teeth at home. 


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