Unlock 7 Secrets on How To Make Garlic Oil! Here is How To do It!

how to make garlic oil
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While doing a space bookstall, someone’s post suddenly caught my eye. He wrote: “Bread with Garlic Oil”. And I remembered everything from my childhood. My mother used to make our afternoons pleasant by giving us different recipes with garlic oil. Then I could share a garlic oil recipe with you. So I bring you this article on how to make garlic oil. When we had gotten together as a child, my mother would serve us bread, salad dressings, and her homemade garlic oil from the fridge at the dinner table.

Although this time, our house looked like nothing less than an Italian house.

Now, my mother is no more but left me her recipe for perfect garlic oil. And today, I will tell you my mother’s secret garlic oil recipe. I hope you will like it.

how make garlic oil
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1. Origin of Garlic Oil :

Humans first discovered garlic in Middle Asia. Not only for its excellent taste, it has more health benefits, such as being diaphoretic and diuretic, and also used to treat many diseases like tuberculosis.

Garlic oil is widespread with raw garlic; it has been used for many years in various fields.

2. How to Make Garlic Oil?

My mother used to prepare homemade garlic oil in two ways. I will also teach you two methods of how to make garlic oil. The two methods are:

  1. cooked garlic oil

  2. uncooked garlic oil.

2.1 Garlic Oil Recipe With Heat:

Step 1:

  1. Take 8 to 10 garlic cloves and grind them well. Then in a frypan/medium pot, mix the minced garlic well with half a cup of olive oil.
  2. Mix the mixture so that the garlic cloves are well mixed with the olive oil.
  3. ( You can crush the peeled garlic cloves or press them. Whether you can peel the garlic or keep it, it is up to you. It will not affect the garlic oil recipe. )

Step 2:

  1. Turn on the oven and cook the mixture for three to five minutes. Remember to keep the heat on medium to low heat.
  2. Be careful not to overcook because your oil may taste bitter if the garlic is overcooked or seems too dark brown. So always cook the garlic cloves till light brown.
  3. (Note: Another thing to remember is that the olive oil does not boil too much. Because some flavour leaves from the extra cooked oil. )
  4. Once your garlic is cooked well, lightly browned, and slightly mushy, turn off the gas, remove the pan/pot from the oven, and let the oil cool.

Step 3:

  1. Then strain the oil from the pan through a strainer into a jar and add a few garlic cloves. Now close the lid well and keep it in the fridge for a while.                                                                                                                                (Note: If you don’t want any garlic cloves in your oil, you can skip the garlic cloves.)
  2. Your oil is completely ready to use. You can taste garlic oil very well with your bread. Enjoy your meal with your homemade garlic oil and feel an Italian plate.

2.2 Garlic Oil Recipe Without Heat:

This method is entirely different from the previous method. You don’t need to do any cooking. You only have some garlic cloves and extra virgin olive oil.

Let’s see how to make garlic oil without cooking; believe me, it will taste amazing.

Step 1: Peeling Garlic Cloves:

First, take a knife and 8-10 garlic cloves with the peel. Then make, pressure to crush the garlic cloves with the help of a knife.

(Don’t use the sensitive area. You should do it with the back of the knife, and don’t take off the peel before, cause it would be a little slippery to mash. It would be best if you faced difficulty in doing this. So, make it keep in your mind always.)

Step 2:

After crushing the clove, gently take off the peel from the garlic. If you can’t take it off, you must crush/mash it again. I hope now you can peel cloves.

Then, fill a clean glass jar with all the crushed garlic cloves. Now you put 2 cups of olive oil into the jar, and you can add herbs to it.

One of my favorite flavors – is citrus Zests, Which I always add with raw garlic and olive oil in my garlic oil recipes. Go through it with your flavor.

Step 3:

After completing all the previous steps, you reach the final step of this procedure.

  1. Now put the jar into the fridge (make sure that your jar’s lid must be set tightly.)
  2. Leave it for 2-3 days, and don’t act like a ShinChan type cause you should not open the lid before it is ready, not even if you touched it.
  3. When you spend 2-3 days, guess what you are getting? Get your super delicious garlic oil. Now enjoy it with your favorite combo. I think now it’s clear to you how to make garlic oil.

(Note: Please don’t use this after five days of making it because it is unsafe for your health.)

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3. Which Oils Should You Use For Garlic Infused Oil?

Whenever you choose the perfect oil for a homemade garlic recipe, go through these three ways. This may help you to get the best oils.

3.1. For Cooking or Food:

If you like to prepare it only for cooking, vegetable oil, canola, or rapeseed oil is perfect. This oil can handle the highest heat. You can try all of this oil at different times.

3.2. For a Healthy Heart:

If you have any heart issues in your family and have any heart patients, you can use avocado oil and olive oil; it must be extra virgin. This has Monosaturated fat, which can help to reduce heart problems.

3.3. For Uniqueness:

If you are crazy about trying something new, these tips are for you. Sesame oil is best for it. Its strong magical flavor makes you very satisfied.

How to Make Garlic Oil?
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4. Which Herbs Can You Use For Infused oil?

I know most people love the taste of herbs. You can also add spices and herbs to your garlic oil.

I will list all the herbs you need to use to make garlic oil at home. I hope these tips make your garlic oil much better.

4.1 List of Herbs:

1. Dried herbs like lavender, thyme, parsley, basil, etc.

2. If you love spiciness, you can take Spices.

3. if you like hot peppers, you can make your favorite one.

4. Olives! Woohoo! Don’t thin. Just add some fresh olives and see the magic.

5. Citrus zest makes a whole packet of flavor in your garlic oil.

6. You added peppercorns to your recipe and made it unique.

7. Yeah! You can use dried edible flowers.

5. Things to Keep in Mind For Homemade Garlic Oil

  1. Never keep hot garlic oil near the gas oven. It can get burned.

  2. When you put garlic oil at home temperature, it could affect your health. Because of this, botulism (an unhealthy bacteria) can grow in your oil, putting you at a health risk.

  3. So don’t keep your garlic oil at room temperature or normal heat for 5 to 7 days. So try to keep it in the fridge because the coolness of the fridge helps preserve the oil’s quality.

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6. Garlic Oil Benefits and Uses :

Did you know that so many concessions from this garlic-infused oil? Yes! You can see the effect. It can help to reduce some health problems, and you can also use garlic olive oil for hair and skin issues.

6.1 Garlic Oils for Lower Bad Cholesterol

Are you suffering from lower bad cholesterol? Take raw garlic oil to cure it. Don’t amaze you to hear that.

One study in the American Journal of Nutrition shows that garlic and fish oil are an incredible pair for reducing the lower bad cholesterol.

Many people get results from using that. Not only that, but it is also effective on LDL-C and triacylglycerol concentration.

6.2 Garlic Oil for Cancer:

Garlic oil is also effective on Breast Cancer. Many chemists say that disulfide components of garlic do magic on cancer. It is also proven in a study by Anti-cancer Agency.

6.3 Garlic Oil For Cardiovascular Disease:

The organic polysulfide content of garlic can reduce hazardous health problems and cardiovascular disease. This component can relax your vessels and also smooth your muscles.

Also, garlic cloves help you lower blood pressure. So start using garlic oil today.

6.4 Garlic Oil for Toothache:

In my childhood, I saw my grandma using garlic oil for her toothache. When she felt pain in the tooth, my mother gave her garlic oil. Now I understand that, cause it helps me also. If you have a toothache, then you must try it.

Allicin components of garlic are very effective for reducing pain from the tooth.

6.4.1 How to Use Garlic Infused Oil for Toothache?

  1. First, you need a cotton ball. You can easily access it at any pharmacy near you.
  2. Then take some fresh garlic cloves and make garlic oil. Then socked the cotton ball into the oil.
  3. Please check its heat should not be so high. After soaking the oil, now you put it over the pain area.

6.5 Garlic Oil for Cold:

All of us suffer from colds, more or less. Children are especially very prone to colds, but we are confused about what to do to make them heal faster or what to do to make them less likely to catch colds.

We used to be very careful about allowing kids to use any remedies. But today, we can solve this problem with this oil. Garlic is an excellent heat generator.

That heat melts the cold from our body, and its anticipated ingredients also reduce it. But for that, you must make garlic with mustard oil instead of olive oil.

You may apply garlic oil before taking a bath throughout the year or if you suffer from a cold. It is very beneficial for it. So if you feel cold this time, definitely apply these tips.

6.6 Garlic Oil Benefits for Hair:

Before some days, I faced many issues with my hair, like- dandruff, hair loss, and dull hair.

Then I started using garlic oil. I decreased my hair loss with it. And now, no dandruff is even in my head. You can also use this if you have such issues.

Garlic oil has many nutritional contents, such as – vitamins C, E, and sulfur. This improves your scalp’s health, strengthens hair roots, moisturizes the scalp, and enhances the shine of your hair.

6.6.1 How to Use Garlic Oil for Hair?

  1. Take a little amount of garlic oil in your palm.

  2. Apply to the roots with your fingertips and leave it overnight.

  3. Next morning wash your hair very well with shampoo.

6.7 Garlic Oil Benefits for Skin

This oil can also be effective for your skin. The components of garlic should help to cure many skin problems. It helps to stop acne on your face and improves skin texture.

Garlic for skin and its benefits
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7. How Long Does Homemade Garlic Infused Olive Oil Last?

Well, most people want to know how often they preserve the oils. I know you also think of it. You can use it for up to 4 days. But if you want to keep it fresh some days more.

Then you have to put it into the fridge first. Because it is the only way to keep your recipe for up to 1 week, if you plan a short visit anywhere, then don’t plan to make this recipe.

7.1 How to Store Garlic-Infused Oils?

This oil enhances the taste of food. But the most challenging thing is that it cannot be retained long. So it has to be made again and again. But if we try to keep it for a little longer, we must have a refrigerator because this oil will last four to five days at room temperature.

However, if kept in a clean container in the refrigerator, it can last up to a week. It would help if you used to keep a dark color bottle for long-lasting.

7.2 How To Make Garlic Oil Without Botulism?

Whenever we make garlic oil, a lot of botulism grows in the oil. But if you want to prevent botulism and want to know how to make garlic oil safe?

Well, for food safety, you add some flavor. Botulism can prevent by toxins.

Therefore, garlic is a vegetable that has no acid. So raw garlic helps to increase botulism. But herbs contain toxins and acid, which helps to reduce the chance of botulism. You are also use fried garlic in your homemade garlic-infused olive oil.

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