How to Lose Weight Fast for Teens? Best Guide 2022


Here is a complete guide on how to lose weight fast for teens The article will explore the science behind it and offer numerous insights on how to stay healthy and glowing in your teens!

Have you ever heard of terms like body positivity, hot girl summer, and that summer-ready “that girl” body? Welcome to gen-z! If you are one of the Gen Zers, you must’ve heard the concept of a fit body, a healthy lifestyle, and Pinterest’s aesthetic weight loss regime.

Gaining or losing weight in your teenage years could be difficult due to a packed schedule and terrible lifestyle choices.

In the generation where fried foods, soft drinks, and cheesy white pasta are hard to resist, the notion of losing weight is often correlated with a rigorous workout regime along with a strict and well-maintained diet.

On the contrary, losing weight is not a difficult task- Some changes in your trials and tribulations and voila! You are set to begin your glow-up journey.

Also, when dealing with gen-z situationships, breakups, and tons of acne, it could be an arduous task to count calories and lose some pounds accordingly.

However, avoiding a combo of two veg fried burgers, cheesy pizza, and king-size peri-peri fries seems like an easy job to do?

The first step to getting fit and losing weight is accepting and celebrating your body.

How to lose weight fast for teens
By Towfiqu barbhuiya/ Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

Society views bodies from a different perspective. The concept of a skinny body is the ideal body is the rubbish talk of the oldies. Thanks to the internet and hundreds of political movements, we can celebrate our body and be body positive while setting more woke and sensible body goals.

The concept of how to lose weight fast for teens, quick body shred, and belly fat loss is not for seeking a good appearance but for establishing a healthy lifestyle. Adopting a healthy lifestyle while accepting your body the way it is and working on improving your appearance by setting more strategic fitness goals is crucial.

It doesn’t mean you have to skip your regular pizza mart run or stop hanging out with friends; balance is the key! This post will discuss everything you need to know, from how to lose weight fast for teens to why you should lose weight.

The Internet is bustling with hashtags like #fitnessgoals #letsgetfit and articles on how to lose weight fast for teens. The latest fitness trends and diet plans are everywhere, resources are infinite, but it’s hard to follow, especially when you don’t know how to start. Cutting some extra pounds boosts your confidence and elevates your personality to the next extent.

Waiting for a phenomenal glow-up but don’t know where to start? Still, brooding over how to lose weight fast for teens? Losing excess body fat can be your first step!

All you need to do is set a schedule, set some minor changes in your lifestyle choices, understand the concept of healthy food and kickstart your voyage of looking phenomenal and feeling phenomenal.

Prerequisite: Know How’s of Weight Loss- Beginning Steps

Weight gain affects a spectrum of people. It doesn’t matter if you are 14 or 44. Many factors influence weight gain. Gender, height, physical activity levels, diet, and smoking habits are contributing factors that can help determine if they are fit or need to stabilize.

To Build good mental health, improve physical appearance, boost your stamina and elevate your self-esteem, working out and getting in shape is crucial. Here’s how to hop on the start your journey.

Administer Weight Loss Goals

Setting goals before starting anything new is imperative to focus, measure progress later, set a schedule, adopt new behaviors, and sustain that schedule for the long run.

Check BMI Index to know the Target Weight!

The preliminary step is to search for a body mass index online and determine a healthy weight goal according to your gender, age, and height. BMI index can help you analyze the right mass according to a person’s height. It is categorized into severely thin, moderately thin, mild thin, normal, overweight, and later into different classes of obese.

siora photography cixohzDpNIo unsplash
By Siora Photography/ Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

Thanks to the internet, one can check the BMI index online straight from the comfort of your bed. You need to fill the form with basic questions like age, gender, and height and check the excess weight according to your body. If your BMI index suggests that your body is overweight, research the weight you need to achieve to be fit.

Start slowly by setting small goals!

If you are a beginner, instead of directly diving into a strict diet and difficult workout regimes, remember that you need to start slow but with consistency. You cannot expect to wake up one day and realize – Oh, time to lose 10Kg this week.

Set yourself up for a quick and consistent weight loss program by setting a goal of losing 2 or 3 Kg in one month, especially when you are a newbie. This will boost your confidence and motivate you to work out while maintaining your achievable goals.

Set attainable goals daily. For instance, walking on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-3 glasses of water daily after meals, a fresh serving of fruits and veggies once a day, and many more can help you change your bad lifestyle choices and set you up with good ones necessary to lose weight.

Journaling: Take the Help of Technology or rely on a Conventional Diary

Writing down your progress, daily goals, and calendar-wise workout schedules can help you count calories while signing you up for a better lifestyle. Jot down what you eat, your exercises, and initial body measurements, and calculate the calories consumed each day.

Add a vertical on what you plan to do and name your plan: how to lose weight fast for teens 2022 edition. It can be hard to differentiate the before and after results merely in a week. However, consistency and daily efforts will help you log your daily improvement efficiently.

Technology played a major key in advancing productivity and helped make people’s lives easier. You can always rely on technology to help you monitor your diet and count calories to see your progress.

Still, confused about how to lose weight fast for teens? Seek help from tech! Tons of resources and applications are available online that do the job pretty well.

A fitness app does everything from calorie counting, home workouts, nutritional insights, and recipes for a healthy life to a barcode scanner for fast food logging.

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By-Julia Kisova/Unsplash/Copyright-2022

Analyze the workouts that work best for you, the diet that is not too strict but still fulfills your national requirements, and pen down the peculiar details of your daily workout session, how much you weigh, and how much you eat.

Whatever your goal is, consistency in journaling and workout will take you a long way ahead.

Top 10 Methods on How to Lose Weight Fast for teens: Incorporate Workout and Good Diet

The major two aspects of weight loss are Workout and Diet. Both are co-dependent on each other for faster results. If you want to get your body ready for that summery beach look, focusing on diet along with maintaining a workout that activates your glutes, abs, and entire body is crucial.

It is possible that you are wondering and hoping for a spot reduction. For instance, you want to lose weight from thighs only or belly only.

Training a single muscle won’t do any good to you. However, rather than focusing on spot reduction, one can go for focused exercises that help one build muscle in the target area. One simple mantra of weight loss is: Burn more calories than what you eat! How to do that? Combine diet and exercise.

Here’s How You Can Harness the Power of a Good diet to Lose weight Fast

Skip Soda and Junk foods

While on a healthy and fit body journey, consuming less sugar is important. Sodas, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, and sweet teas are overpacked with added sugars. Skipping the sodas will not only help you cut the extra belly fat, but it will also help you resort to more healthy options like natural fruit drinks. Result? Healthy skin, easy weight loss, and improved performance.

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By Robin Stickel/ Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

One should avoid the overconsumption of fizzy drinks as it can be the reason for type-2 diabetes in teenagers, acne, cavities, and other health conditions. Undoubtedly, soda drinks after heavy meals taste like heaven.

Thus, cutting back soda and junk foods from your diet will require extra effort and determination. Now, it’s your call! Eliminating soda or health conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and poor skin health?

Hydrate your body and prep it for weight loss- 8 Glasses Daily Water Intake. Here’s Why?!

It is backed by researchers and scientists worldwide that hydrating your body and drinking more water supports weight loss. Not only does it enhances your muscle functioning and detoxify your body, but it also helps in controlling your appetite.

Increasing water intake offers one a feeling of a full stomach, reduces appetite, and aids in digestion. Result? No more bloated body, Increased efficiency, and stamina. Also, drinking water can help in calorie and fat burning.

If you are one with social media, you would have heard all the fitness professionals mentioning the importance of being hydrated. Not only this, water helps easy and smooth functioning of your muscles. With countless benefits, consuming more water will help you lose some extra inches of your waist easily without making much effort.

Can’t consume plain water? Get an aesthetic sipper, mixed fruits of your choice for that shredded body.

Don’t forget fruits and Veggies!

With poor lifestyle choices and duty hours deluged with assignments, it can be difficult for people to lose stubborn fat. It doesn’t matter if you are struggling with the process, consuming fresh fruits and green vegetables will boost your nutritional value and help you lose that stubborn fat.

Vegetables and fruits are packed with fiber, minerals, and vitamins and can help improve your metabolism, helping you burn your belly fat.

Healthy foods like pitted fruits, grapefruit, kale, spinach, avocado, hot peppers, and cruciferous veggies can help you with a good intake of protein, antioxidants, fibers, and potassium, which can help prevent the storage of excess body fat in your body.

No more Fad Dieting

Fad diets promise drastic results in a short time, but it is harmful to your health in the long run. Do not try anything and everything listed online to achieve a goal. Consult a doctor before. Contrary to what celebrities promote, it is crucial to understand that fad dieting can promote dehydration, elevate vitamin and mineral deficiency in your body, and put you in a position where you can develop eating disorders.

The simple answer to your question on how to lose weight fast for teens is- No More Junk Food. Fad diets, i.e., Restrictive diets are a big no! Do not limit your food intake. If you want to cut down, cut down your junk food and added sweeteners!

Never Skip Meals

Having a predictable meal schedule throughout the day is important. One can add 2-3 healthy snacks amidst your three regular meals to help curb hunger while maintaining your body.

Are you starting the day early? Swamped with assignments? Whatever the reason is, skipping meals would never help you lose weight. It can, in turn, lead to more appetite. One can opt for a balanced diet with a breakfast rich in protein to keep you active and energetic till your next meal.

Understand the rules and instructions for healthy eating. One should focus on the major four things listed below:

  • Breakfast – Focus more on carbs and protein. Consume eggs and fruits.
  • Lunch – Veggies with a spicy touch of meat and fish
  • Dinner – Incorporate fruits, berries, veggies, carbs, and protein in your dinner diet.
  • One can rely on protein smoothies, pancakes, fruits, or chicken salad for regular snacks.
  • Apart from this, eating almonds, beans, seeds, nuts, and soy products daily will also help weight loss. Do not forget calcium in the whole process of losing weight.

Processed Foods are a Big NO

The key to losing weight is indeed consistency and balance. One can have two-three cheat days once in a while. However, teenagers must avoid processed foods like sugar candies, baked goods, chips, wafers, and too much bread. To become more aware and realistic, one can rely on homemade meals rich in nutritional value like fibers, healthy fats, and proteins.

*Some other Tips and Tricks to Follow to Maintain Good Diet – Lose weight Fast For Teens Edition:

  1. Incorporate Greek Yogurt, tofu, and soy milk into your diet.
  2. Increase your protein intake, and consume eggs, salmon, and chickpeas.
  3. High fiber wholegrain varieties over starchy carbohydrate foods
  4. Ditch Saturated fat- No more butter, cream, cakes, and hard cheese.
  5. Spice it up with seeds and smoothies.

Ultimate Free Guide- Workout and Exercises for Teen Weight Loss

The glitz and glamor of teenage life are important, but one can squeeze in 30mins for a better future! For faster results, incorporating exercise is essential. One can customize the daily routine according to their schedule.

jonathan borba lrQPTQs7nQQ unsplash
By Jonathan Borba/ Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

You can opt for dance class, swimming class, or your local gym, meet a community of people online working on themselves, talk to people with like-minded goals and healthy habits, and sweat for results. Prioritize health over anything else.

If you seek the answer to the question- of how to lose weight fast for teens, be consistent with physical activities like a morning walk, an evening stroll with friends, quick 30mins cardio, aerobic classes on weekends, and Zumba at home with your fav neighborhood kids.

Taking small initiatives toward physical health offers big results in the long run. Some of the things one should consider:

  • Cycle your way back home from school
  • Skin the elevator and take the stairs
  • Please take part in sports, be it basketball, cheerleading, or swimming competitions.
  • Indulge in extracurricular activities and stay active throughout the day
  • Enroll in a school gym and start training as a beginner with a barbell, dumbbell, and easy bodyweight exercises.
  • Please do not rush the progress; incorporate healthy habits, take it slow and easy.

Workout as a Teen: How to Lose Weight Fast For Teens- Do’s and Don’ts!

If you’ve already started moving to burn body fat and considering a healthy diet, now is the time to build strength and improve the muscle functioning of your body. Resort to strength training that can contribute to fast weight loss, improves immunity, enhances metabolism, and boost your confidence.

Examples of such types of training are barbell curls, dumbbell bench presses, sumo squats, pushups, and many more.

Summer workout checklist on how to lose weight fast for teens? Bench press? Check. Squats? Check. Shoulder press? Check. If you want some more insights, go to your local gym and seek help from a professional trainer.

Strength Training and Aerobics

Regular bouts of cardio sessions combined with strength training can give you results quickly and efficiently. Before starting a rigorous workout session, eat proper food like apples, bananas, oatmeal eggs, or porridge at least an hour ago. Drinking or eating just before a workout can steal your stamina and will to work out.

Want to know more about how to lose weight fast for teens? Tech and Trek is your ultimate solution. Trek while counting the steps and calories burned for an efficient session.

Warm-up and Cool down training sessions

Never skip warm-up sessions before workout and relaxation sessions after a workout. Stretching before training is imperative to prep your muscles and prevent injuries. Similarly, stretching after a workout will heal sore muscles. Take breaks in between and focus on good form while stretching.

Get Your Sleep Schedule Straight

bruce mars s8PTWCu5maQ unsplash
By Bruce Mars/ Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

A teenager and a correct sleep schedule are like two parallel lines that can never cross! Do you keep on thinking of methods on how to lose weight fast for teens but can’t maintain the right sleep schedule? Getting a good restful sleep of 8-9hours will help you maintain healthy body weight. Now is the time to take the phrase “Early to bed, early to rise” seriously.

Don’t Stress

Stressing too much, being anxious all the time, and finding it difficult to control your hormones can be why you can’t see any results from your weight loss journey. To aid and promote the feeling of relaxation, a plethora of options are available.

For instance, yoga, meditation, gardening, helping orphan kids. These habits can help you destress when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Now that you are well acquainted with the basics of how to lose weight fast for teens and where to get started, dive into the journey of staying fit and active. Boost your confidence, lose weight quickly and get that gorgeous glow-up!


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