How to Get the Best Outdoor Exercise Equipment On a Budget

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The last two years have been tough on all of us, and the ongoing restrictions and guidelines have played havoc with much of our lives. 

When it comes to our exercise regime, it has been even more chaotic in its impact on our way of life, but many have sought to take advantage of the situation to help regain some level of normality.

In the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, most gyms were shut, and as the newest variant hones into view, it’s likely that sports centers and gyms will once again alter their approach. This has proven a real issue for those that visit these locations regularly.

For regular gym visitors, it’s not just the act of getting healthy that’s lost when these locations are closed; it can also be the camaraderie and sense of community that comes with the collective action of looking to become more healthy. 

Relocate to the Park

Depending on guidelines that are in place in your locality, or indeed the abundance (or lack thereof) of green spaces, you might want to consider moving your exercise activities to a local park.

You’ll just need to have the appropriate equipment to make sure it’s of value to you. Be that simple weights or a TRX set-up, coupled (if necessary) with prescription sports glasses and the right activewear, then just get down to business. There are many benefits to exercising outdoors, but clearly, if it’s sunny, you should protect yourself accordingly. Similarly there will be times when the inclement weather rules out the possibility of workout entirely.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

So, if you are looking to replace your local gym with outdoor equipment effectively, what should you start with? There are a number of items that you can use, and a lot depends on your targets and personal fitness levels.

You might want to consider any of the following items; weighted jump rope, resistance bands, dumbbells, balance balls, medicine balls, TRX bands, kettlebells and a yoga mat. The list can be endless.

There is a decent chance that a park in your neighborhood will have an exercise area that has some equipment, and you should just be ready to wipe down the relevant areas with sanitizing gels and disinfectants if necessary. 

Exercise in Groups

As mentioned before, the element that many who visit gyms will miss the most is the sense of oneness with a group of like-minded individuals. Therefore why not look to exercise with others? This can significantly improve your overall exercise experience.

If you like to run on a treadmill in the gym, clearly you can run anywhere, and why not find a running partner (ideally one who has similar performance levels to your own) and you’ll be amazed how doing so can lead you to seriously up your game. 

Home Gyms

The number of us looking to set up home gyms has, of course, rocketed, and this is an excellent option to consider but be prepared to spend pretty large sums setting this up. Here are two key things to consider before you start the process.


Do you have enough room in your house, garden, or garage to set up a home gym? It’s true that you can look to use any spare space you have, but clearly, you’ll need an area that can be set up for the purpose; in other words, it’s best if there is good airflow and that you have ample room to maneuver. 

If you want to set up a home gym, then you have to be comfortable in the area you are working out in; otherwise, it simply won’t work. 


If you want to keep the costs of your home gym down, then you should look to buy some of your equipment at off-price department stores. Here you can get the basics fairly cheaply, and when it comes to the more significant items, you might have to consider second-hand items.

Buying pre owned equipment isn’t usually a massive issue because exercise equipment, especially the larger items, are built for endurance. They are items and machines that are designed to be pummelling, and that means that second-hand items should, on the whole, function well enough for your needs. 

Keeping It Simple, Back to Basics

Depending on your exercise regime, or indeed your overall goals, it’s likely that you can adjust your routine by getting back to the basics. For some of us, a simple skipping rope is enough to get into shape. 

The gym industry has revolutionized to such a degree, in a relatively short period of time, that they can sometimes resemble theme parks. We now look to gyms to have television screens, a kicking sound system, and equipment that looks as if it’s just been brought in from a science fiction movie. 

However, at its core, the key elements of what an individual needs from a gym are far more straightforward. Indeed to some extent, the super modern gyms upgrade simply for the purpose of being able to charge you more. 

The exercise industry is now precisely that, an industry. However, in all honesty, you might find that getting back to the fundamentals by adopting a different perspective to your workout regime could prove even more effective in the long term.


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