How Do Dogs Get Ringworm? Find 9 Helpful Methods of Prevention!

How do dogs get ringworm
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How do dogs get ringworm? 

In this article, we’ll try to solve the mystery of how dogs get ringworm and show you the best ways to deal with this common problem.

If you learn as much as you can about this fungus, you can keep it from hurting your furry friend and get rid of it completely from your home.

To protect your dog’s health and well-being, you must know these strategies.

How do Dogs get Ringworm
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Dogs are susceptible to a very dangerous infection called ringworm. Fungi called dermatophytes are to blame for this condition. They thrive on human skin, hair, and nails.

Keratin, the primary component of skin, hair, and nails is the favorite food of these fungi.

Dogs infected with these fungi develop itchy, flaky, or circular bald patches on their skin.

1. Why Do Canines Get Ringworm?

Dogs can get ringworm, a fungal infection that affects their skin, hair, and nails.

Dermatophyte is the name of the fungus that causes this infection. One animal can infect another or spread naturally in the environment.

Depending on the animal’s immunity and the extent of its exposure, the infection can range from being relatively harmless to extremely dangerous.

Circular raised lesions with redness, flaking, and hair loss are classic signs of ringworm in dogs. Itching and spreading of the lesions is possible.

There are several entry points for ringworm in canines.

Some of them are as follows:

1.1 Infection Through Contact With Animals:

Dogs can catch ringworm from infected cats and this fungal infection is highly contagious.

When dogs interact with other animals physically, such as during play or housing, the disease can spread quickly.

Good hygiene is needed to stop the spread of ringworm.

This includes cleaning and disinfecting shared living spaces regularly and keeping infected animals away from other animals.

Hair loss and skin lesions are symptoms of ringworm infection in dogs, which can be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian.

How do Dogs get Ringworm
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1.2 Ringworm in Dogs Caused By Exposure to Contaminated Items :

Dogs can catch the fungus that causes ringworm from handling infected items.

The fungus that causes ringworm can live for weeks on grooming implements, bedding, toys, and other surfaces, making them more likely to spread the infection.

A ring-shaped rash and other symptoms can appear on a dog’s skin and fur after coming into contact with fungus-infested items.

How do dogs get ringworm
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It is possible to keep dogs healthy and prevent the spread of ringworm by adhering to good hygiene and cleaning practices. These may include routine washing and disinfecting objects.

Dog owners should take their pets to the vet if they notice any symptoms of ringworm so that the animals can get the treatment they need.

1.3 Ringworm in Dogs: The Dangers of Playing in Untreated Soil 

How do dogs get ringworm
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Those dogs who spend a lot of time outside in dirty environments, like farms or rural areas, are at risk of contracting ringworm from the soil.

When dogs dig, roll, or walk on soil that contains the fungus that causes ringworm, they risk contracting the disease. 

This ring-shaped rash and other symptoms appear after the fungus enters the skin through a cut or scrape on the dog.

Dog owners can protect their pets from contracting ringworm by keeping them clean and well-groomed, keeping them from playing in infected soil, and taking them to the vet at the first sign of illness. 

The spread of ringworm can be slowed or stopped entirely by adhering to the basic rules of cleanliness and hygiene when venturing outdoors.

1.4 Reduced Resistance to Illness:

Ringworm is more likely to infect dogs with compromised immune systems. When a dog is under a lot of pressure, isn’t getting enough to eat, or has another underlying health issue, this can happen.

 1.5 Dogs with Weak Immune Systems Get Ringworm:

Dogs that are malnourished, sick, or have weak immune systems are more likely to get ringworm.

If the dog’s immune system is compromised, it will have a harder time fighting off the fungus that causes ringworm.

Further, the dog may be more susceptible to infection because of the presence of the fungus in an environment where it can thrive as a result of a pre-existing condition.

How do Dogs Get Ringworm
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For dogs with compromised immune systems, owners can reduce the risk of ringworm by ensuring they receive regular veterinary care, feeding them a healthy diet, and keeping them away from anything that could be contaminated.

In some cases, ringworm cases have to be directly taken to a veterinarian, as treatments may no longer be in our control.

2. Tips for Preventing Ringworm in Dogs

We need to know what we need to do to prevent our pets from contracting this infection. Some of the ways are listed below.

2.1 Topical Antifungal Medication As a First-Line Treatment 

Typically, mild cases of ringworm in dogs are treated with topical antifungal medication.

These topical creams and ointments eliminate the invading fungus by being applied directly to the skin. 

Thus, in mild cases of ringworm, a veterinarian may recommend a topical antifungal medication.

How do dogs get ringworm
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For the treatment to be effective, it must be used correctly and continued for the full duration specified.

In severe cases, oral antibiotics or other treatments may be necessary.

2.2 Keep your Dog Nice and Dry at All Times

To keep ringworm at bay, your dog needs to be regularly bathed and groomed.

Following these guidelines will help you maintain clean and healthy skin for your dog and lessen the chance of infection.

Grooming and bathing your pet regularly can help you notice any skin issues so you can get them to the vet right away.

How do dogs get Ringworm
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Dogs are less likely to catch and spread contagious fungal infections like ringworm if their owners keep their dogs’ skin clean and dry.

The dog’s bedding and toys should be washed often to keep them from getting dirty.

Maintaining the dog’s cleanliness, bringing it to the doctor frequently, feeding it a nutritious diet, and keeping it away from filthy areas can all help prevent ringworm infection in dogs.

2.3 Keep Your Dog’s Grooming Tools to Yourself to Keep Ringworm at Bay 

When owners use the same brushes and combs on all of their pets, the risk of getting ringworm from one pet to another goes up. 

The fungus that causes ringworm can live on these items and spread to other pets, even if they show no symptoms themselves.

Avoid using the same grooming tools on multiple pets to stop the spread of disease.

How do dogs get ringworm
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Each animal needs its own set of clean, disinfected grooming tools.

This is a helpful measure to take if you have multiple pets to stop the spread of fungi and parasites like ringworm.

2.4.Bedding That is Changed Regularly

When it comes to your dog’s bedding, cleanliness is the key to preventing the spread of ringworm and other parasites. Given that the ringworm fungus can survive for weeks on textiles, bed linens are a common entry point for the infection.

How do dogs get Ringworm
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Bedding for your dog should be washed regularly in hot water using a pet-safe detergent to prevent the spread of germs.

Cleaning and disinfecting your dog’s toys and living space regularly is also essential if your pet is afflicted with ringworm or another infection.

Follow these rules to keep your dog happy and healthy by providing him with a spotless, secure home at all times.

2.5 Keeping Away from Sick Animals

Separating your dog from other pets is the most effective way to stop the spread of ringworm.

Contact with an infected dog is all it takes for the ringworm fungus to spread to another dog.

To avoid spreading the disease, it is crucial to keep your dog away from other animals until the infected one has been treated.

how do dogs get ringworm
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Keeping a close eye on your dog is essential if it has been in contact with an infected animal, and you should rush it to the vet if any symptoms appear.

In this way, you can protect your dog from contracting ringworm through proper pet care.

2.6:  Keeping Your Dog’s Environment Clean and Disinfected

Keeping your dog’s living space, toys, food, and water bowls clean and disinfected regularly will help prevent reinfection with ringworm.

Reinfection is more likely because the ringworm fungus can live on surfaces for weeks.

Cleaning and disinfecting your dog’s space regularly with disinfectants safe for pets can help reduce the risk of this happening.

Cleaning your dog’s food and water bowls with hot water and soap regularly is also recommended.

2.7 Ensuring Your Dog is in Good Health

A healthy dog has a lower chance of getting ringworm or any other infection than a dog that isn’t healthy.

Feeding a balanced diet, providing ample opportunities for exercise, and scheduling regular visits to the vet are all essential to keeping your dog in good health.

How to dogs get ringworm
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In addition to this, regular vaccinations can protect your dog from many other infectious diseases.

Maintaining your dog’s health will reduce the likelihood that he or she will contract ringworm.

If your dog has a pre-existing condition of ringworm, as an owner, you must coordinate with your veterinarian to reduce the risk of your pet contracting this infection again.

2.8: Using Oral Antifungal Medication 

Moderate to severe canine ringworm infections respond well to oral antifungal medication.

These pills and liquids are ingested to kill the fungus causing the infection from the inside out. 

When topical treatments fail or when ringworm is particularly severe, your veterinarian may recommend an oral antifungal medication.

How do dogs get ringworm
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If you want the treatment to work, you have to use it the right way and keep at it for as long as it says to.

Visiting the vet for checkups regularly to track progress and make any necessary adjustments to treatment is also recommended.

2.9 By Natural Treatment

Natural remedies, in addition to veterinary care, have a chance of preventing and treating ringworm in dogs.

Coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil are just a few examples of these cures. 

These can either be ingested or rubbed on your dog’s skin to strengthen its immune system.

How do dogs get ringworm
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One more natural treatment that may work for canine ringworm is apple cider vinegar.

Since apple cider vinegar is naturally antifungal and antibacterial, it can aid in the elimination of the fungi that cause ringworm. 

Apple cider vinegar can be used to treat ringworm on your dog’s skin if you dilute it with water and apply it directly to the affected areas.

Dogs may respond well to natural remedies for ringworm, but it’s still best to consult a vet before trying anything new. The severity of your dog’s condition will determine the course of treatment your veterinarian recommends.


Ringworm is a common skin condition that can affect dogs. 

Fungi called dermatophytes are to blame for this condition. They thrive on skin, hair, and nails.

Contact with infected animals or objects, as well as contaminated soil, are all potential entry points for ringworm in dogs.

Similarly, ringworm is more common in dogs with compromised immune systems. Seek immediate veterinary care if you suspect your dog has ringworm.

To diagnose the problem and provide treatment options, you should visit your veterinarian.

In addition to visiting the vet, there are several things you can do to keep your dog’s environment ringworm-free, such as practicing strict hygiene and keeping it away from other pets.

Ringworm in dogs can be treated with natural remedies like tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil, but it’s best to consult a vet first.

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