How can Exercise Improve Your Sex Drive?

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People exercise to stay healthy and free from a number of diseases. But can exercise help increase your sex drive? Can it help you improve your relationship? How do you increase your sex drive?

Believe it or not, regular exercising can not only improve sex drive, but also enhance arousal, performance, and satisfaction. Today, we are going to find out exactly how exercise helps you have a great time under the sheets!

The Mind-Body Connection

Sex is a full-body activity. During intercourse, we engage our blood vessels, muscles, and nerves – the same things affected by exercise. Working out also boosts the activity of the sympathetic nervous system that triggers a sexual response to sexual stimulation. 

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Research also backs up the claims. In a study, women experienced enhanced genital sexual arousal by exercising before watching an erotic film. The researchers concluded that the improved arousal was due to changes in hormone levels, mood, nervous system activity, and neurotransmitter levels brought about by exercising. 

Now, let’s explore hoe exercising helps increase sex drive. 

Exercise Leads to Better Sexual Arousals

Working out increases your blood flow and circulation. These two factors play a big part in sexual arousal. Better circulation also decreases the likelihood of erectile dysfunction in men. Also, the more blood flows down to your genitals, the stronger will be your arousals. 

Exercises like running, walking, biking, and other aerobic workouts can positively affect sexual response. 

 Improves Your Performance in the Bed

Being fit helps you perform like a tiger on the bed! Sex is a physical activity and exercising can toughen the muscles and body parts engaged during intercourse. A study involving men by the University of California found regular exercising to help in the following ways-

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  • Increase the frequency of intimate activity 
  • Improve sexual functioning
  • Increase orgasm satisfaction

Women can also have better arousals by exercising regularly. The University of Texas published a study that found exercise to increase physiological sexual arousal in women. 

Exercises that target the shoulders, chest, and abs can improve upper body strength. This leads to better sexual performance as the same muscles are used during intercourse. 

Alleviates Stress and Improves Mood

Stress is a major cause of low libido. Stress increases the release of cortisol, a hormone that can erode your interest in sex over time. 

Exercising, on the other hand, releases the feel-good hormones endorphins. Working out regularly also reduces the levels of cortisol, bringing back your passion and sex drive. Strength training is also known to increase libido and bring down stress. 

Builds a Positive Body Image

Would you feel like removing your shirt at the beach with a bulging belly?

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We like to show off or at least look at ourselves in the mirror when we have a nice, toned physique. Exercising can help you develop a positive body image by feeling comfortable in your own skin. A positive body image also leads to self-confidence and self-esteem. As a result, you feel more confident in bed and don’t have to hold anything back. 

Working out also makes us pay attention to our bodies, and help develop a strong mind-body connection. This leads to better arousals, improved sexual response, and heightened sexual sensations. 

Strength training, in particular, has been found to improve a person’s overall body image. 

Helps You Experiment

Experimenting in bed can revitalize a relationship and bring back the lost vigor. You might be influenced by Kamasutra and want to try out a few acrobatic poses with your partner. But sad to say, most people don’t have the flexibility and fitness unless they exercise regularly. 

Keeping yourself fit and in shape can help you with the strength and flexibility to try those unimaginable poses. You can tone your muscles with weightlifting or strength training and enhance your libido and sexual performance together.

Exercises to Increase Sex Drive

Your sex drive can help you lead a better life. Let’s take a look at a few exercises that help you boost sex drive-

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Strength training: Builds strength, muscles, and improves mood

Kegels: Boosts libido in men and women by strengthening pelvic floor muscles

Yoga: Gives you fitness and flexibility to experiment

Walking: Reduces risks of erectile dysfunction 

Swimming: Can help in improving sexual endurance

Note: Do keep one thing in mind, however. Too much exercise can have negative effects on libido.

How to Raise Libido?

If you are looking to have a great sex life, you need to have the right libido levels. It’s what is going to make making love to your partner even more exciting and ensure both your satisfaction.

Exercising can be a great way to increase your sex drive and have a fulfilling sex life. But for some people, the matter is not that easy! 

People with low libido will benefit from exercise, but there are a few other things you can try out. 

Aphrodisiac Fruits

The easiest way to boost libido is to include aphrodisiac foods in your diet. There are many fruits, vegetables, herb, roots, and spices that can boost your libido. Some of them include-

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  • Chocolate
  • Oysters
  • Strawberries
  • Asparagus
  • Figs
  • Red ginseng
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Fenugreek

Final Thoughts

Exercising for 20 – 30 minutes every day can do wonders for your sex life. You can enjoy improved arousals, increased strength and stamina, enhanced response, and sexual satisfaction just by staying fit. If you have low libido, take the help of natural aphrodisiac line Spanish Fly to complement the results of working out. 

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