Fit for Travel App Review: Know Before you Go!

fit for travel app review

Fit for Travel App Review

Who doesn’t want to travel? The excitement of seeing new things and exploring new places is an incentive for anyone. Yet, travelling isn’t easy. One of the most important things is to get prepared for any health-related challenges that may arise. Specific medicine should be prepared if necessary, vaccinations should be planned in advance and the most important health tips have to be kept in mind.

It would be an enormous task for a single human to keep everything in mind; this is why GlaxoSmithKline created the Fit for Travel app. It is a very handy helper for the traveler and the healthcare professional who often has to consult with people who travel a lot.

All information just a tap away

Whether you are in your office, planning a travel that is months away, or already landed at the destination, it is a great help to have any necessary tips and bits of information you need just a tap away. And of course, it’s true that no matter how well you plan something, there will always be something unexpected. That’s why it’s useful to have this app with you and this is also why it also offers regularly updated health news, climate charts and the addresses of embassies.

Planning in advance

A travel has to be planned in advance for all things to go smooth and this is even more true for destinations that need some extra precaution to stay healthy. This app was developed to help the user from the planning phase to the trip home. Let’s focus a bit on the planning. The app offers good support from tips on getting the vaccine to general tips for a pleasant trip.

travel app

When getting the vaccine, the traveler has to know what to get and when is the time to get it. Many types of vaccines have to be got quite a long time before the actual trip, so consulting the app in the earliest phases of the planning is a good idea. There is also a vaccine reminder included for the vaccines that have to be taken in multiple steps.

The app also covers golden rules for a healthy holiday, travel sickness and how to avoid infections. These should also be consulted beforehand.

Quality and up to date information

All the information is based on German health recommendations. The original app was German, so what is on the market now is based on experience that was already thoroughly tested. The information is also regularly updated.

Destinations covered

Most destinations around the world are already covered: over 300 hundred destinations have full support, with regularly updated news and navigation via map or alphabetical navigation.

If you’re a healthcare professional, this is a great tool for you to help with giving advice, double check the information you have and to recommend to your traveling clients. No matter where one goes, a plus source of information is always welcome. So why not use such a handy and useful app?

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