Endomondo Sports App Review: Get Fitter, Burn Calories

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Endomondo Sports Review

Health is wealth – and that old proverb has received a hi-tech boost with mhealth apps that makes exercise a whole lot of fun. In an age, where physical activity has decreased a lot for every age group, mHealth apps can be the solution for many of the world’s fitness problems. Endomondo Sports seems to think that too and havecome out with their own mHealth app.

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A new community with Endomondo Sports

But the fact that technology is so widespread can be used to help people maintain a healthier lifestyle and this is what Endomondo Sports’ goal is. Perhaps the greatest strength of the app is that it’s strongly community based: the user can see how other people are performing, what sports they are performing, and the user also knows that her results will also appear to others.

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This is a very potent idea: in our world communities aren’t as strongly tied as before, so our behaviour is not shaped by ther people’s behaviour as much anymore. And when it is, it’s usually unhealthy activities, like playing video games, eating unhealthy food or acquiring other unhealthy habits. This app on the other hand only allows the user to see good behaviour from a selected group, thus directing the user to a better lifestyle.

The mini-coach

You can use the app as a surrogate: while you prescribe the number of calories to burn, the distance to run or the time length of the exercise to the patient, the app will help the patient achieve that goal, and later you can check the memory of the app if you want to see how well the patient has performed. Or if you have the time, you can follow your patient’s results in real time, through your own account. It’s easy to forget words, but this app can be a tool in your hands to help your patients more effectively.

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You can even find other solutions. For example if you have a number of patients that need approximately the same kind of exercise, but you don’t have the time to constantly check al of them, you can organise them into a community that will do the exercise together. This way the burdern is off you, but they get the incentive of a communal activity.

Predefined Programs

You have the possibility to choose a predefined program for your patients, or you can create customised ones. You can set milestones for your patients to make the goal clear for them, by customizing the audio coach. Set time limits, distance or burnt calories as parameters, or simply previous performance to beat.

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Monitor Easily

For patients who need to monitor their heart rate, the app can be integrated to heart rate monitors through Bluetooth or ANT+. The app can also offer tips on staying hydrated, as people not used to exercise can easily forget about that.

In case your patient’s first language is not English, the software is also available in multiple languages. Another strength of Endomondo Sports is that it’s available on most platforms as well, not just on one.

So why not use the most frequently used device to promote a healthier lifestyle?

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