Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight: Best 4 Reasons

Collagen Fibers
Collagen Fibers

Does collagen make you gain weight? It is an important topic to talk about as many people want to lose weight.

Whenever it comes to skin problems or joint weakness, the first thing that comes to mind is protein deficiency. You must be wondering what kind of protein can save you from all these problems. According to research protein is not only essential but a necessity for the overall growth of muscles.

But there is a protein that your body is naturally produced and can also be taken externally, which is called collagen. Nowadays, everyone wants to pause aging and wants to look young and beautiful.

Are you someone who wants to add collagen to their diet for claiming all these benefits but still has a question in your mind that does collagen make you gain weight or not? To find a solution, you need to understand what collagen is.

Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight
Microscopic collagen fibers

What is Collagen?

The amplest protein in the human body is known as collagen. It makes your skin’s structure and boosts the strength of your joints, ligaments, and overall bone density.

There are 3 Types Of Protein yhat Your Body Needs:

  • Fibrous
  • Membrane
  • Globular

Collagen belongs to the group of Fibrous protein. These are naturally produced in your body. The requirements of protein can be higher than those produced in your body.

Collagen is highly beneficial for your body. Adding collagen to your diet can keep you young and strong forever. Many people are superstitious and think collagen will help build muscles, which may aid obesity or weight gain.

People are highly dubious about does collagen make you gain weight or not? Before getting knowledge about collagen and its side effects. Let’s understand what benefits can be claimed by including collagen in your diet.

Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight

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Benefits of Collagen

1) Great for Skin Health

Collagen can improve skin texture and maintaining the elasticity of your skin. Various studies showed the benefits of collagen for preventing aging.

Collagen cause reduces wrinkles and fine lines. This amino acid can provide the required nutrients that your skin needs to maintain internal health.

People blindly trust various products for the benefits they claim. But people forget about the internal health that should be maintained for healthy-looking skin.

You can’t have impeccable beauty if your skin is not prepared internally for this. No folk doesn’t want to look good so, if you are suffering from skin issues.

Like aging, dull skin, rashes, wrinkles, and fine lines, you suffer from Collagen deficiency. And you need to add collagen to your diet. These days, folks are very concerned about their body weight as no one would ever wish for obesity in their destiny.

Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight
Collagen for strength and stamina

2) Collagen for Bone Density and Joints

Scientific research showed that collagen could act as a preventive for Osteoporosis. Being a type of protein, collagen can increase the Body mass index (BMI) of people.

The various study showed that hydrolyzed collagen might help to fulfill the requirement and preventive Osteoporosis. If you have joint pain and difficulty walking or running, you might be suffering from collagen deficiency.

Lack of the required amount of collagen in your body can have very severe repercussions on your bone density and joints. Not only joints, but it can also make your ligaments, tendons, etc., weak.

Now you must be wondering how collagen can improve your bone mineral density. Collagen is produced in our body that helps maintain the elasticity of connective tissues.

Maintaining the elasticity of your skin is pivotal to prevent aging; likewise, maintaining the elasticity of connective tissues is essential to prevent your bones and joints’ aging.

Reports say that collagen deficiency may be why people become the victim of spirals of diseases and aging at an early age. Studies showed that collagen peptides combined with supplements could build the health of skin and joints.

3) Aids The Growth Of Hair And Skin

Now the beauty comes with the package of skin, hair, nails, and internal health. One should skip collagen if the concerned about the health of nails and hair.

Suppose you love to style your hair and paint your nails. Then the overall health of your hair nails can be improved by increasing collagen production in your body.

For increasing collagen production, you need not totally depend on collagen supplements or collagen peptides as it can be done naturally by adding foods such as bone broth (boiled bones of chicken) or other foods rich in amino acids.

Other nutrients can increase collagen production like vitamin c, copper, proline, and glycine.

4) Collagen For Weight Loss

Are you someone dubious about does collagen makes you gain weight or not? Collagen has no role to play in weight gain, as per researchers.

The health benefits of collagen may be seen in reducing body fat. Many people ponder, does collagen make you gain weight or not? Before adding it to their diet.

This perplexity is because collagen is a protein and people still believe that protein is for weight gain. Various researchers showed that collagen could be great for building lean muscle mass.

Collagen is effective in stimulating metabolic rate and ultimately improving digestion, and reduce inflammation. People, that are concerned about does collagen makes you gain weight or not? These can give collagen peptides a try. Many pieces of research found out the benefits of collagen peptides for weight loss.

Collagen Peptides

These are small pieces of protein, and the sources of these are animal products. You may try these bioavailable form of collagen for a long term effect.

Reports say that taking collagen peptides for a minimum of 2 months may show some amazing results like improving the overall body health. If you are someone wondering does collagen make you gain weight but still add collagen to your diet.

Then collagen peptides may help you. But still, consulting a doctor before adding collagen peptides would be a better option as there are no scientifically proven reports on this.

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Side Effects Of Collagen

Excess intake of collagen naturally or in the form of supplements may show some side effects. The standard dosage should be between 2.5 – 15 grams per day.

It won’t’ help if you take below the bottom line or excess the upper line. Taking more than 15 grams daily may show side effects such as:

  • Badmouth
  • Improper digestive symptoms
  • Heartburn
  • Feeling of fullness
  • Reduce hunger

If you are taking collagen in the form of supplements, you must be sure about all the ingredients used in that supplement.

As there are people allergic to some ingredients that may be found in collagen supplements. So to avoid side effects, it is always better to consult your doctor.

And you must not take nutrients that are not required by your body. People always research a lot about does collagen makes you gain weight. Then that absolutely depends on your diet.

If you have collagen followed by a heavy diet, then it may aid in weight loss. But if it is about collagen, then it’s not going to make you gain weight.

As no nutrients would ever support weight gain, it will keep you healthy and maintain a healthy weight. Collagen helps in maintaining a good Body Mass Index that’s your body needs to stay free from diseases and other toxic substances.

Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight

Why Your Body Requires Collagen?

Your body requires collagen to build your muscle and works as a glue that keeps your joints connected as supports the connective tissues.

People struggle during old age because they don’t care about collagen deficiencies that may have some bad side effects in your old age. These days people are growing old at an early age. The reasons are:

  • Deficiency of collagen
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Improper diet
  • Bad Lifestyle

Yous should not skip this protein that makes you walk, stand, and live happily. Collagen can act as fuel for your bones and skins.

Like your stomach needs foods, your skin and bones also need foods to keep working. If you don’t add collagen to their diet doesn’t matter if it is naturally or through supplements, then it can be derogatory on your part of your health.

People are really skeptical about collagen. Some people are perplexed if it will work or not. People have various doubts in their minds before taking collagen.

The most debated one does collagen make you gain weight or not? All of them need to realize that collagen has nothing to do with increasing body weight but boosting your bone density and body mass index.

Does Collagen Make You Gain Weight?

Every time you suffer from any illness, you are running from some nutrient deficiencies.

Maintaining a healthy body mass index is vital for anybody to stay fit and for your long life span. Collagen can be your savior from aging with various other health benefits.

In many cases, people are ready to struggle with health disorders but are not willing to add collagen to their diet. This is because they still don’t know that does collagen make you gain weight or not.

Nothing can prevail in human credence. If you believe something, then it takes time to come out of it. But it would help if you realized what your body actually needs. Consulting a doctor and clearing out your doubts on does collagen make you gain weight.

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