Do you know your long-term birth control options?

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Pregnancy is a very special moment for a lady. Parents enjoy this happiness more when it is intended.  Lack of knowledge about contraceptives is the biggest reason for unintended pregnancy. Such conditions may force you to take a decision for abortion. There are many harmful side effects of abortion on your health. To stay safe from the risk of unwanted pregnancy and abortion try out some easy and long-term birth control options. This article will guide you on different, manner to maintain gaps in your pregnancy. So, enjoy motherhood at your convenience.

What are birth control options?

Contraceptives are being used by maximum people, as the youth is very much aware of family planning. Birth control options help us to prevent pregnancy till we want. Before discussing the long-term birth control options you should know how birth control works. The role of various contraception options is to stop egg production in the body. Also, these are good enough to keep the sperm and eggs apart. Maximum women prefer to take birth control pills. Contraceptive pills and IUDs are being commonly used by females. There are very low chances that you get pregnant while following a contraceptive solution. It happens due to some other conditions, which may include the following:

  • Irregularity in taking a birth control method
  • Obesity
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Crohn’s disease

This contraception may include some side effects on your body. But getting pregnant again and again or planning abortions are riskier than those side effects. Each of the contraceptive methods works for a limited time period. You can also remove or stop usage, meanwhile, according to your preferences.

Long term birth control options 

Different people have different opinions about contraception methods. The basic terms to select one as per suitability and duration required for control. Taking birth control pills gives you the freedom to control your pregnancy every day. You can check out the following methods and select as per your choice:

  • T shaped device (IUD)

Visit your gynaecologist and ask for the IUD, which is a popular birth control solution. The IUD is actually a T-shaped device that your gynaecologist inserts inside the uterus. Today variations of IUD types are available. All are categorized as per their performance duration and side effects. Copper IUDs are not found safe for females facing heavy menstrual bleeding. The spermicide effects of copper work well to prevent pregnancy. This amazing birth control method is known for its fewer potential side effects.

On the other side hormonal IUDs are made from plastic that releases the hormone progestin. That effectively prevents the sperms from entering by thickening your mucus. The common side effects of all IUDs are heavy bleeding during periods for the first few months. In some cases, it can extend to one or more years as well. Buying a reputed brand can lead to reliable results, although IUDs give 20 times better results than pills and patches.

  • Birth control pills

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Birth control pills contain Estrogen or Progestin. These synthetic hormones are known for their effective role in preventing pregnancies. By taking these pills in the prescribed manner they make some changes inside your body. These changes may include the thickening of cervical mucus and preventing ovulation.

Generally, these pills are available in two different categories which are combination pills and mini pills. Combination birth control pills include active and inactive pills dosage. You can experience nausea, high B.P and mood swings as side effects of combination pills.

In mini-pills, a single type of hormone performs the entire role to prevent pregnancy. Blood clotting, gaining weight, and strokes are some common side effects of oral contraceptive methods like mini pills.

  • Birth control implant

Do you know that a matchstick-sized plastic rod can prevent pregnancy? Well, special thanks to science and technological growth that it is true. Doctors insert this rod inside your arms and it starts reacting to give desired results. The function of this plastic rod is quite similar to IUDs. But these are placed in different body parts. Birth control implant supports for three years duration. But if you want to get pregnant meanwhile, then you have an option for plastic rod removal. Different female users have shared different user experiences. In some cases, heavy menstrual bleeding has irritated females for about one year. In other cases, lighter periods were found.

For long-term birth control IUDs and implants are ideal solutions. Taking pills to prevent pregnancy for a long duration becomes quite difficult sometimes. Suppose you miss taking them for a single day post your intercourse. You will spend the entire month in the tension of getting pregnant.

  • The Shots: 

The shots are also known as Depo shots. The doctor injects you with a type of progesterone hormone. You will get this injection in your buttock or arm. You can get effective control of your pregnancy through this method for three months. Your doctor will give you a proper schedule for shots according to your birth control duration. There are many high health risks are associated with this method. So, if you have long-term plans to prevent pregnancy don’t forget to consult with a reliable doctor. Bone thinning is the most common health risk due to the shot method of birth control.

  • Birth control combo:

Patches and rings are used by many women these days. Especially females who want to stop their menstrual cycles using them. As per the expert’s direction after three weeks of usage, you need to take off one of two. If you don’t remove it, then there are chances to get lighter periods. In some cases, periods stop permanently. Users of this method need to be very attentive to the doctor’s suggestions. Ignorance may lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Also, the females who use a patch and ring combination stay at risk of blood clotting. 


If you are also worried about your pregnancy, then go for the most suitable option with fewer risks to your health. IUD, pills, and implants are effective solutions also they allow any time removal. Whatever method you choose, be consistent and use it correctly. Stay in touch with your doctor to discuss and resolve the side effects timely. Purchase branded and trusted methods only and enjoy your long-term contraception safely.

While at times contributed by guest authors, our content is medically reviewed periodically by professionals for accuracy and relevance. We pride ourselves on our high-quality content and strive towards offering expertise while being authoritative. Our reviewers include doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, and even medical students. -----------------------------------

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