Daily Intentions to Reduce Anxiety: 3 Effective ways

Daily intentions
Annie Spratt

Setting daily intentions can help in dealing with anxious thoughts every day in a very efficient manner.

Anxiety has many forms and affects everyone differently, for some it is the constant worry and for others, it can become as severe where one can not go through their day-to-day activities without having an anxiety attack.

Getting anxious from time to time is normal, feeling nervous before a presentation, getting flustered before meeting someone new, or, fearing the outcomes of your result.


All of us have been in these situations at least once, and these feelings can be quite overwhelming to control.

When all these anxious thoughts cloud our minds for the long term, it can become a problem in maintaining a smooth course of life.

Before delving into the topic of setting daily intentions, let’s find out more about anxiety, its symptoms, and how can it affect a person’s life.


The constant feeling of worry, fearing the worst possible outcomes in all scenarios, is what can sum up the definition of anxiety.

People with anxiety know that what they are thinking is just irrational thoughts, but the thoughts have so much power that they manipulate the way a person’s mind works and in turn, affect how their live their life.

Daily intentions
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Having negative thoughts when starting something new is normal but when these thoughts start affecting a person’s way of living, it can become a problem.

Identifying that you are suffering from anxiety and doing things to curb these thoughts as soon as possible can be very helpful.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is different for everyone which is why everyone doesn’t need to suffer from the same symptoms.

What can make one anxious might be a normal thing for others.

The symptoms mentioned below are the most common symptoms of anxiety.

  • Increased heartbeat
  • Feeling restless
  • Trouble in concentrating
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Trembling, dizziness, feeling lightheaded
  • Difficulty in falling as well as staying asleep
  • Rapid breathing

Anxiety Attacks

When these symptoms are not given attention, they can worsen over time and start causing anxiety attacks.

Anxiety attacks are attacks that slowly build up in a stressful situation.

Daily intentions
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It is best to identify the symptoms of anxiety to get the treatment according to it as soon as possible before it starts harming the daily life of people.

As anxiety is a chronic disease, there is no definite cure for ending it. Only the symptoms can be managed to control their effect on daily life.

Setting daily intentions to reduce anxiety can be very helpful.

Daily Intentions

What exactly are daily intentions? They are not the same as your tasks in the to-do lists.

Setting daily intentions is a way of getting yourself ready for the day.

The intentions can be anything, from telling yourself to smile more to being more productive.

Daily intentions are more effective than goal setting as there is no compulsion to achieve anything.

As the focus is more on how to create a positive attitude towards life, goal setting takes a backseat, as there is no pressure to achieve anything except for a free mind.

The intentions should not be taken very seriously and if you are not able to complete them, there will be no harm in it.

Importance of Setting Daily Intentions

Intentions remind you to stay positive about life and provides motivation to go through every day. The hectic schedule of everyone can make it difficult for them to focus on themselves.

Setting intention can help them in focusing more on themselves by reminding them to be more happy and considerate to others.

Intentions are a set of points that guides a person on living a positive life. Setting intentions while suffering from anxiety can help you to reduce the feeling of being on edge every time.

The steps mentioned below will tell you how to set daily intention to reduce anxiety.

Daily Intentions to Reduce Anxiety

Set an Intention

When you set an intention for a day, you feel motivated to practice those intentions daily.

For example, Before a big presentation, you can set an intention to be more easy-going and confident, this helps you in staying positive and focused on the task at hand rather than worrying about how you are doing on the stage.

Daily intentions

You can write down your daily intentions in a diary or journal, as it will be easier to tick off everything once you were successful in following the intentions throughout the day.

While setting daily intentions following points should be kept in mind.

Specify your Intentions

Being specific does not mean that the points should be followed to their brim rather they should clearly tell you what you ought to do on that day.

It can be difficult for the person to follow intentions that are vague, as the mind is already clouded with anxious thoughts, hence the vague intention can mix up thoughts even more.

Daily intentions
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Specifying all the details of how you have planned out your day, how will you react when you meet someone new or have a get-together with your old school buddies, how you want to feel before a big presentation.

The intentions set out will then allow you to stay and enjoy the moment instead of you worrying about how you should react and feel as you have already had that pre-planned.

Be in Control

Having anxiety is all about worrying about consequences beforehand. Setting daily intentions can help ease these worries.

When you are the center of attention and do not know how to tackle the situation it can be quite scary as these situations are known to trigger anxiety attacks.

The process of setting intentions can help you feel in control of the situation as then you will know beforehand how to approach the situation.

Setting intentions ensures that you are in charge of everything that is going to happen rather than waiting for your destiny to create a miracle.

Take One Thing at a Time

Many people believe that multitasking is beneficial as it saves time but in reality, it is quite opposite.

The anxious thoughts already make your mind go haywire and multitasking can only result in more scattered thoughts.

Whenever you are planning to write your daily intentions for the day, keep in mind that you have complete focus on thinking about the intentions.

There is no perfect time for setting intentions but morning is more preferable or at night right before you fall asleep.

As in the morning, you are refreshed and you can effectively plan out on how you want your today to look like.

It can be more beneficial if you indulge in some meditation exercises in the morning to help your mind relax.

Setting Intentions

Setting daily intentions is not an easy task, and it is completely normal when you do not know what your lists of daily intentions should include.

For setting an intention effectively to increase your productivity, positive thoughts should be focused on.

There are times where our body does not want to get up to do something even minimal, during these phases the mindset of the people is what matters the most.

Maybe giving space to oneself is the most healthy option in these times.

But once you recover from these phases, the idea should be how to avoid these situations in the future.

Daily Intention

To achieve a relaxed state of mind to calm your anxiety, intention setting can be a very useful tip.

Setting an intention could change your mindset towards how you view your goals and life.

Below are some intentions that could help you throughout the process of intention setting.

  1. I will be more grateful.

We often forget to appreciate the small things in our life, the intention intends us to focus on them more.

2. I will be more kind.

Whatever you do, kindness should always be your priority, as it is the first step of gaining success.

3. I will be happy.

We get so busy with our personal and professional life that the line between those often gets blurred, due to which both our personal and professional takes a hit.

During this process, happiness takes a backseat resulting in negative energy.

Setting Daily Intentions

Intention setting has the power to create a positive world that has more focus on the current moment rather than worrying about the future.

If you start writing your intention for the day, it will quickly come into your habit like second nature.

Maybe it can be disheartening when you are not able to complete the intentions mentioned on the list you prepared because of whatever reasons.

At these times, notice what were the situations that lead you into not following the intentions, focus on how you can do things differently to achieve the opposite.

When you are healthy, success will come to you and for this, one should know where their focus lies, with negative thoughts or with being productive in your life.

Setting daily intention has the power of creating a free mind which helps us to get through our day efficiently.

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