can depression make you sick
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Can Depression Make You Sick? All You Need To Know

We all have heard the term “depression” many times in our life. None of us is unfamiliar with this term. In the present day, more than half of the population of world is fighting depression. According to the researchers, almost 3 out of 5 people suffer from depression.

But what exactly do we mean by depression? Can depression make you sick or prone to diseases? Does it affect your well-being?

Depression can be defined as a situation in which the mental state of an individual is affected. The person feels gloomy and less excited about life and the various events in his surroundings. There can be various reasons which lead to depression.  Some people might be depressed due to long-term failures; others might be depressed due to some financial reasons, while some may be depressed because of some family-related problems. There are infinite reasons why people gain depression symptoms. Other reasons include alcohol consumption, irregular sleeping habits, drug consumption, or health issues.

When talking about depression, a lot of things come to our mind, like what are the symptoms of depression, whether can depression makes you sick, how depression affects us, how to treat depression, or whether depression can lead to death. Depression affects us in a lot of ways. We all know that depression has an adverse effect on our mental well-being but have you ever thought that how can depression make you sick?

Symptoms of depression

Before moving further to find out the possible ways how can depression make you sick, we should first know the symptoms of depression. When talking about the symptoms of depression, it should be made clear that it isn’t necessary at all for people to show depression signs.

Every person reacts differently to depression and hence would show different symptoms, or some might not show any symptoms at all.

Here are a few common symptoms of depression:

  1. Person is too quiet: When a person is depressed, he starts losing interest in worldly things and loves being in solitude. He prefers being alone and talks very less with other people i.e. he prefers to be socially isolated.
  2. Sudden emotional outbursts: If a person starts crying all of a sudden or starts losing his temper frequently or gets irritated too much, then there are possibilities of suffering from depression.
  3. Person starts sleeping too much: This is another symptom of depression. A depressed person sleeps a lot or sometimes doesn’t sleep at all.
  4. Lack of concentration: People who are depressed are so lost in their world that they hardly concentrate on their surroundings. Even if they sit among a lot of people, they won’t react too much to the ongoing situations.

How can depression make you sick?

When asked the question that “can depression make you sick” the response given by most mental health professionals was “yes“. They said not only does depression affect one’s mental well-being, and it can make a person physically sick. It is also responsible for mood disorders of a person. A person starts losing interest in the world and prefers being alone with his thoughts.

Given below are a few examples of how can depression make you sick.

a) It can disturb the sleep cycle: Depression can worsen sleep issues. Studies and research have shown that sometimes depressed people become insomniacs. When a person suffers from depression, then this is one of the problems he might face. Sometimes the situation is the opposite i.e. the person starts sleeping too much. This can be a lack of proper sleep during the night. This is one way that can depression make you sick. We all are well aware of the fact that how much sleep is important for us. For example, when a person has a poor sleep cycle, he gets prone to health issues such as fatigue, heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, and many more. So these are a few diseases complimentary to depression.

can depression make you sick?
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b) Weight fluctuations: Another answer to the question of how depression can make you sick is weight fluctuations. A person suffering from depression might experience weight gain or weight loss. Depression affects your eating habits as some people feel more hungry, so they gain a lot of weight or become obese, while others lose their appetite resulting in a significant weight reduction. Whatever the result, both situations are not good for human beings and can make them prone to various diseases. For example, an obese person can get heart disease easily, and on the other hand, a weak person will weaken his immune system and can suffer from low blood pressure issues.

c) It affects the digestive system: Depression also affects an individual’s digestive system and can cause various digestive problems such as gastrointestinal diseases, stomach aches, improper digestion issues, or irritable bowel syndrome.  Experts have also stated that people can develop gastroesophageal reflux disease also if they are depressed. Symptoms of this disease are heartburn and chest pain, nausea, etc.

d) Heart diseases: Since depression affects the blood regulation in the body, people suffering from depression can contract heart diseases such as high or low blood pressure, heart attack, chest pain, stroke, and other types of cardiovascular diseases. A healthy heart is the key to a healthy and disease-free life, so forget all your worries and focus on your health conditions instead.

can depression make you sick?
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e) Weakened immune system: Depression also affects the immunity of a person as due to depression, stress hormones are released, which weaken the immune system making it difficult for a person to fight diseases. This is a proven fact that depression weakens a person’s immunity, making him vulnerable to various diseases. As a result of a weakened immune system, the chances of a person getting exposed to chronic diseases also increase.

f) Body aches: The pain perception of a person suffering from depression increases. He feels pain more than a healthy person. Also, as we know that depression affects our sleep cycle, so the tissues are not repaired; because of this, a depressed person feels more pain compared to a normal person. These are just a few ways that can depression make you sick. Various types of research are ongoing to find out how depression can affect you in other ways.


Not only can depression make you sick, but sometimes it can even be fatal when a person starts developing suicidal thoughts. Many people have even taken their lives when they could not fight depression. So we can even conclude that when a person becomes highly depressed, he can even kill himself.

How to cure depression?

Depression is now such a common scenario that people still don’t take it seriously until any mishap occurs. What is even more surprising is that we become a little alert for some time, but we become the same as we used to be.

Sometimes people get so depressed that they start developing suicidal thoughts without thinking about their family and friends. Studies have shown that every year more than thousands of people who suffer from depression take their lives. Now you are aware that in which ways can depression make you sick, so the next step is to gain knowledge about how to treat depression and how a person can overcome depression.

What exactly is needed is to talk to the people suffering from depression and help them feel better, further contributing towards suicide prevention. Depression is not an incurable disease. With constant efforts, depression can be easily cured

Here are a few ways to get rid of depression:

1) Talking with a friend or family

Sharing your problems with someone is a good way to relieve stress and make you feel good. When we share how we feel with someone, we feel a little relaxed. So whenever you feel sad or depressed, share your thoughts with your family or friends. This will help you in overcoming stress. Keeping things just to yourself is of no use, it will make you sick as when you will repeatedly think about the same thing all time, you will get tenser and tenser about it. On the other hand, if you discuss your issues and problems with someone, you will feel less burdened, and there are chances you will get a solution.

can depression make you sick?
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2) Doing things you love

Doing things you love is a good way of managing depression. You naturally become happy when you do things you love, and positivity is generated. This helps in overcoming all the negative thoughts, and you feel relaxed. When you are busy, it also keeps you away from all the negativity and depression, so try adding things you love to do to your schedule.

3)Yoga and meditations

Yoga has emerged as an effective way to treat depression. Many people suffering from depression opted for yoga. They found that yoga helped them in overcoming depression, as yoga helped in generating positivity, reducing stress, and improving their quality of life. Mental health resources have stated the benefits of doing yoga and how yoga contributes to the spiritual healing of people. Yoga also provides emotional stability to a person and reduces the impact of negative emotions on us. In addition, yoga helps maintain blood pressure and keep the heart healthy.

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4) Antidepressant medications

Suppose the treatments mentioned above cannot help you, and your depressive symptoms worsen. In that case, you should seek professional medical advice to avoid further complications, as we know the various pathways about how can depression make you sick. However, one should avoid antidepressants if the situation is under control. Tranquilizers are the most common antidepressants given to depression patients. Other antidepressant medications include Vilazodone, Citalopram, and Sertraline. It is not advised to give pregnant ladies or children under 18 years of such medicines as they have side effects and are addictive in nature.

5) Cognitive behavioral therapy

It is one of the most effective types of depression treatments which has shown positive results in patients who were suffering from depression. This therapy focuses on the behavioral pattern of humans and then works on how to change them so that the person feels better. Medical reviewers confirm that CBT is a much better option to be considered before taking any medication, as these medications are addictive in nature. Once you take them, you get used to them. On the other hand, CBT is a useful method to get rid of depression completely. It is beneficial as it helps a person regain his confidence and start believing in himself again.

On a final note

Depression has become a part of our lifestyle nowadays. Reasons why a person suffers from depression can be either unfulfilled expectations, heartbreak, lack of success, loss of someone or something, or any other reason. For some people, we can easily guess that they are depressed, while for the remaining people, it is hard to predict whether they are depressed or not. As you know the various ways in which depression can make you sick, so you know how much attention and care a depressed person needs. So if you ever meet a person who is depressed, then try talking as much as possible to that person so that you can help him feel a little better.

If you know all the potential ways in how can depression make you sick, then you also might be aware that the damage caused by depression is the same as that caused by physical pain. But depression is far more dangerous as some people are unaware of whether they are depressed or not.  Depression is not a mental illness. It is just a small issue that can be successfully dealt with and overcome with the appropriate treatment. Stop wondering about how can depression make you sick, and don’t hesitate about what people will say; rather, focus on yourself and your health and healthily live life.

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