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Calorie Counter Pro Review: Lose Weight the Smart Way

Calorie Counter Pro – What Should You Expect?

Ah, the ironies of modern technology. While computers have changed the way we live and the speed of it: while we get information in seconds, our bodies have slowed down tremendously. The lack of physical activity is matched with a plethora of foods designed to trick our taste buds, while their content doesn’t match what we evolved to be used to.

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Small wonder then that our bodies evolved for famines, lots of physical activity, and an uncertain future, can’t cope with the world we’ve built around us and stored up as they’ve done for millions of years. And in the end, we need great effort and lots of money to compensate for the health effects of the lifestyle built around cheapness and the need for the least effort possible.

Calorie Counter Pro Review
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Use the Calorie Counter tools you were given

But modern technology didn’t give us only bad things: we now know more about the human body than our ancestors did before us – combined. Our knowledge is increasing, and biology and medicine have seen great development lately.

While most of the visible breakthroughs are quite costly, there are some solutions that are available for everyone. Mobile phones are one of the most popular tools. Today almost everyone has a phone with enough capability for multiple apps. This and the fact that they allow a great connectedness makes them helpful for health care.

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One of the best apps on the market directed to those who are on a diet is Calorie Counter Pro. If you’re a healthcare professional who wants to offer a way for patients to eat with few restrictions but still within the diet, you will find a good helper in this app. It has a large database of various foods to calculate the calorie, fats, many kinds of sugars, carbs, fiber, sodium, and cholesterol intake. It also offers tips for the patients for a healthier lifestyle and tracking for water intake. Perhaps one of the most important features is that it has barcode reading capability, so the patient starts healthy eating right where the greatest temptations arise: while buying.

Calorie Counter Features

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Besides being able to offer information in advance, which is perhaps the most important feature, the app can also help the patient track the amount of exercise done and the calories burned. Besides tracking the time or distance of walking or running, the patient can set custom exercises.

These two combined can also help you set a step-by-step plan for your patient: set the calories to reach, exercise to do, water to drink, etc. You can also track how your patient has performed up to the time you’re checking. While you will not always be available to help your patient, the app will always be within reach, and information can be shared through mynetdiary.com with you or family members. Social pressure can also be a good ally in fighting weight, so the app offers a community of its own where you can interact with other users as well. Of course, there is Twitter capability too.

Don’t you think such a potent tool should be used for such a good cause?


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