Boost Your Immune System with Yoga Moves

boost your immune system with yoga
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Boosting the immune system with yoga moves? It is possible. Performing yoga properly can indeed improve your immune system and heal you stay healthy.

So what is the immune system? The immune system of a body is a network of glands and organs working to protect the body against harmful bacteria, virus and other harmful germs. The thymus gland, the spleen, lymph nodes and a few other organs collectively make up the immune system. The immune system is why our body is protected against all kinds of diseases and illnesses, and the immune system must be given energy and nutrients regularly to keep up the performance. Here are a few yoga moves on how to improve your immune system.

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Also called the tortoise pose, Kurmasana helps the thymus gland in producing antibodies if practiced on a regular basis. This is important because the thymus gland is responsible for producing antibodies that are required to combat the infections caused due to viruses and bacteria. The main reason one has to do the Kurmasana is that it is an essential support for the thymus gland which thereby has a positive effect on the immune system and helps improve your immune system.

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Adho Mukha Svanasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana or the Downward Facing Dog pose as it is also called, improves the flow of the sinus and creates an easy passage for the mucous to flow through the lungs. This move is performed by resting your forehead on some support on the ground, and then by pressing your hands to the floor. Also do not forget to tuck the toes under and move the hips up and back to perform the pose.

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Ustrasana or the camel pose as it is also called is really beneficial to the immune system in many ways. First of all, it opens the throat and thyroid and also opens the muscles of respiration for fuller breathing thereby increasing the lung mobility, and it also has an effect on the immune system by activating it, mainly the thymus gland.

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Also known as the cobra pose, Bhujangasana is a yoga pose that has a very large number of benefits for the immune system. It improves the functioning of both the intestines, the spleen and various other organs, and helps in the opening of the rib cage thereby improving the pigeon chest. This increases the oxygen intake of the lungs reaching a point of maximum expansion.

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The moves described can help in improving the performance of the immune system to a great extent. Yoga serves as a great resource if you are interested in the knowledge of improving the immune system in order to deal with daily ailments.

All these poses are included under the hatha yoga, which is the most commonly practised yoga and helps to improvise the performance of the immune system by flushing out the unnecessary toxins from the body.

Not only this, but yoga being a form of exercise, inculcates discipline to those following it. Finally, regular yoga practice decreases the stress hormones released in the body hence making sure that the immune system is working perfectly against viral and bacterial attacks.

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