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25 Best Parenting Blogs You Didn’t Know About

Parenthood is the only “job” that requires no formal training and little background knowledge, and the “outcome” involves the people we care about the most (our kids). However, most of the best parenting blogs I’ve come across recognize that parenting cannot be compared to a job. It is a relationship, just like your relationship with your spouse or best friend. It can have ups and downs, just like any long-term relationship. Add to that that children’s “relationship skills” are underdeveloped.

Raising a child requires a community, and luckily, communities are more accessible than ever with the best parenting blogs and forums available online. Whether you’re interested in early pregnancy, fostering, raising teenagers, green parenting, or anything in between, there’s a community for you. And if you’re looking for the best parenting blogs, you’ve come to the right place. The blogs listed below have some of the most active communities and resource libraries, offering everything from video tutorials to guides on children’s story books. That means they’ll most likely know the answer to any question you have and those you didn’t know to ask. They are listed below.

1. Best Parenting Blogs: Popsugar Moms

What it’s all about: Popsugar Moms offers a diverse range of entertainment for all moms. This is supplemented with resources ranging from pregnancy to toddlers, from back to school to back to work, and family-friendly recipes to fill in the gaps. And, while it isn’t a parenting website like most of those listed below, it’s still worth a look.

2. Best Parenting Blogs: Parents

What it’s all about: Parents is one of the industry’s oldest and largest resources. There are a few topics they don’t cover, and they provide plenty of resources outside their blog. The website also includes video resources, newsletters, and other features.

3. Best Parenting Blogs: Alpha Mom

What it’s about: Alpha Mom emphasizes the mother’s perspective on pregnancy and motherhood. Yes, there are still a lot of resources focused on kids. But it also has information about Mom’s financial, psychological, and physical well-being. Everything is structured neatly, so it’s really simple to discover what you’re looking for.

4. Best Parenting Blogs: Bundoo

What’s it about: Bundoo, governed by doctors, is one of the market’s pioneers and a leading authority on infant health. They have built up a library of prenatal, infant, and child information. Additionally, they enable users to get specialized guidance by connecting them with actual doctors.

5. Best Parenting Blogs: Parenting

What it’s about: Parents and Parenting are run by the same folks; thus, their categories and subjects are extremely similar. They have access to many resources because their brand is more well-known, and their knowledge is evident.

6. Best Parenting Blogs: Babble

What it’s about: Disney-powered Babble is a resource for parents and babies. Because of this, it has a happier and lighter tone than most other blogs. The variety of the content, which includes amusement and parenting tips, makes it worth a look.

7. Best Parenting Blogs: Scary Mommy

What it’s about: Scary Mommy, formerly a humorous mom’s private blog, has developed into one of the biggest and most well-liked parenting websites, offering a wealth of information and tools for both expectant moms and mothers of grown children. This website is ideal for folks who value humor as highly as they value knowledge.

8. Best Parenting Blogs: Working Mother

What it’s about: Working Mother is for mothers who juggle work, family, and other obligations. It fosters connections within a community that might otherwise feel disregarded or overburdened. It also offers many research, events, and career resources for its readers.

9. Best Parenting Blogs: Baby Center

What it’s about: The pregnancy and parenting experience is the focus of Baby Center. In an effort to tailor the user experience, it even starts by requesting your due date in order to customize the material. Baby Center continues to be a terrific website for individuals venturing into the world of parenthood because of its extensive library of resources in multiple formats, community, and provided items.

10. Best Parenting Blogs: What To Expect

What’s in it: What To Expect centers around the pregnancy venture. Hence the site is a should-visit for those searching for instructive assets while anticipating a youngster. They have a lot of assets for raising newborn children and babies and focusing on a family. Furthermore, with a functioning local area, there’s a lot of help en route.

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11. Best Parenting Blogs: The Moat Blog

What’s in it: Kay, a mother of five, began the Canal Blog a while back. Kay fabricated a local area out of a need to interface with those raising teenagers, filling it dramatically in that time. Notwithstanding the blog, you can find an ordinary digital broadcast and different media worked around that equivalent local area.

12. Best Parenting Blogs: Life Of Dad

What’s it about: There are not nearly as many nurturing assets exclusively made in view of Fathers as there are for Mothers. Life of Father intends to overcome that issue and conveys amusing yet sweet and accommodating substance for Fathers of varying backgrounds. From webcasts to images, you can track down all habits of assets for parenthood on this blog.

13. Best Parenting Blogs: Creating A Family

What’s it about: The Public Barrenness and Reception Instruction Not-for-profit control this blog. With their principal expecting to instruct and give assets, it’s an ideal asset for those battling with fruitlessness or reception processes. The blog gives research, devices, books, and more that can assist with empowering new parents to construct a family.

14. Best Parenting Blogs: Stepmom Help

What’s it about:  Stepmom Help is controlled by a guaranteed stepfamily mentor, Jenna, whose very own encounters consolidate with her expert preparation to give the ideal counsel to step guardians. Alongside the blog, Jenna runs a confidential help local area and training administrations and offers devoted books on Stepmom guidance.

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16. Best Parenting Blogs: Jen Hatmaker

What’s it about:  Jen Hatmaker’s a mother who centers around the things that genuinely make a difference to her. She keeps expounding on her endeavors to focus on her confidence and family and channels all aspects of her excursion. She additionally offers home unit assets for those who need to attempt to follow her excursion alongside a continuous digital recording.

17. Best Parenting Blogs: Mamavation

What’s it about:  Mamavation mixes parenthood, activism, and community to provide children with better food and nutrition. The website doubles down on useful material with offered courses, private communities, a thorough book, and hosted events in addition to the blog’s strength. This is an excellent place to start if you’re searching for a tool to guide your family toward a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

18. Best Parenting Blogs: Mothering

What it’s about: Mothering is a natural parenting blog and website that provides a wide range of parenting tools in addition to its green parenting articles. It provides a mechanism for members to buy and exchange supplies in addition to its community and forum. Visitors can read reviews of eco-friendly household products. This website is ideal for mothers seeking a vibrant network based on natural parenting research.

19. Best Parenting Blogs: Kids In The House

What it’s about: The multimedia parenting materials are the main focus of Kids in the House. It includes a wide variety of information on topics including pregnancy and sending kids off to college thanks to its collection of over 9000 films from more than 450 specialists. This makes it a terrific resource for parents who would prefer to consume information like videos passively, and moms worldwide know how crucial it is for hands-free, simple content experiences.

20. Best Parenting Blogs: PBS Parents

What it’s about: PBS has a history of producing engaging, in-depth, and instructional programs for children. They support giving parents and educators the tools they need to raise children in the best conditions. This website and blog are ready to accomplish that. For a caregiver interested in education, this website appears to contain all they need, including printouts, videos, games, and lesson plans.

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21. Best Parenting Blogs: Teach Mama

What it’s about: Teach Mama was started in 2008 by Amy Mascott. Amy, a longtime reader, and educator, is a champion for giving all mothers the tools they need to speak up for their children’s education. She encourages children to appreciate learning through her blog. She has a wide variety of resources for practically every field of study. So, her website is worth a look if you’re seeking easy and useful lessons or ideas.

Best Parenting Blogs for Specific Aspects of Child Development 

What it’s about:  These parenting blogs emphasize particular areas like physical, emotional, or cognitive development.

22. Best Parenting Blogs: The Inspired Treehouse

What it’s about:  This website, which two pediatric physical therapists operate, provides parents with various information and activities to understand their child’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

23. Best Parenting Blogs: AT Parenting Survival

What it’s about:  This fantastic website is dedicated to parenting anxious children, from toddlers to teenagers. It is jam-packed with fantastic materials and was written by a child therapist who specializes in assisting children with anxiety and OCD. Natasha offers guidance and assistance based on years of study and training.

Kids’ Nutrition and Healthy Eating Blogs

It might be difficult to encourage kids to eat anything other than mac & cheese and chicken nuggets. These websites encourage us that there are nutritious foods that kids will actually consume.

24. Best Parenting Blogs: 100 Days of Real Food

What it’s about:  Another one of my go-to sites. Several excellent suggestions are here if you need to increase your child’s lunchbox selection. Additionally, Lisa has published a cookbook, allowing you to save all of your favorites in one place.

25. Best Parenting Blogs: Weelicious

What it’s about:  Since it has been highlighted in publications and on television, this website hardly needs an introduction. Excellent recipes for children, even for infants and young children, are present on Weelicious.