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Komal Rajani is a health freak, who loves to read and write about lifestyle and health-related issues. She is someone who believes in "A healthy mind in a healthy body", and aspires to help her readers by writing about lifestyle, health, and overall well-being related content.
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Baby Sunburns: 7 Quick Remedies for Healing Sunburns

Babies who are learning to walk want to play and have fun outside. But a tiny baby sunburn may make

Vasovagal Syncope Explained: What You Need to Know

Vasovagal syncope, also known as neurocardiogenic syncope or simply fainting, is a condition where the body’s normal response to stress

Top 4 Best Benefits of Relaxing Music

Have you ever experienced being on a train, looking out the window, and feeling completely changed by the relaxing music

What is Reverse Dieting: 4 Easy Steps to Lose Weight

When you hear the term "reverse dieting," you may imagine yourself surrounded by all of your favourite foods without having

9 Amazing Kiwi Health Benefits

Feeling like eating some healthy tangy fruit this summer, how about kiwi? But do you know about 'Kiwi health benefits?'

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much? 6 Astounding Reasons

Hey Guys! Do you like cats and kittens? If yes, then you would have probably often wondered 'why do cats

Are Rice Cakes Healthy? 6 Amazing Benefits!

Hey there, Folks! Before we start our discussion on are rice cakes healthy, allow me to ask you all a

How to Make Lavender Oil: 2 Best Methods

Ah, the beauty of lavender. May it be the flower, the colour, the fragrance, and even the oil, it just

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Your one-stop resource for medical news and education.