A Guide To Emotional Freedom Technique In 7 Easy Steps

Emotional freedom technique
Emotional freedom technique

The emotional freedom technique is one of the most gentle methods to overcome stress and anxiety. Anxiety and fear are something that many people face in their daily lives. And people still don’t know how to get rid of these problems.

Now before getting into the method to overcome anxiety, one must learn why anxiety and stress are the most dangerous problems in human beings. The emotional freedom technique eft may help you to get over these mental health issues.

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Emotions Determine Your Act

Now emotions are always not good and accepted. There are various types of emotions that may or may not help you live a happy life. People are suffering due to overloaded emotions. Your emotions may sometimes determine your acts. People with a lot of anger issues may do something that is not usual behavior on their part if in a normal state. Emotions are the repercussions of any act or circumstances.

So keeping your mental health on track is really important for everyone. People suffer a lot because of anxiety or depression. One of the most trusted therapy is the Emotional freedom technique for overcoming such issues in daily lives.

This therapy will definitely help you to cope with anxiety, stress, depression, and PTSD.

Emotional freedom technique
Emotional health

Overwhelming Emotions May Lead To Mental Illness

Emotions are good, but if not overdosing or overwhelming. Everything beyond the limits may have bad repercussions on your health. People these days are suffering a lot from mental illness and mental disorders. This is because they’re not taking care of their mental health. Taking care of mental health is pivotal for leading a happy life. Like your health keeps you fit, your mind keeps you happy.

These emotions play an important role in determining people’s actions. For example, if someone is happy, he will treat you in a welcoming way. And if someone is sad, then they may not behave pleasantly.

This is how emotions affect your acts and thoughts. People suffering from anxiety may struggle every day to be happy. But they should realize how important it is to control their emotions.

And this can be done by trying the emotional freedom technique. The emotional freedom technique will help you to revive your mind. Your mind gets stuck within all these overwhelming emotions that resulted in anxiety and depression.

If you are suffering from anxiety and want to get out of it, then the emotional freedom technique may overcome all these obstacles.

Panic anxiety
Panic anxiety

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Emotional Freedom Technique

No matter if you are happy or sad. But if you have emotional disorders, then you may suffer from various mental health issues. Like you maintain your physical health, you should not skip maintaining your mental health.

Physical, mental, and emotional health are related to each other. The emotional freedom technique can provide you relief from anxiety and mental illness to some extent. It works on fear. It will make your body free from fear of anything. Fear is the main cause of anxiety. For example, if you fear losing something, you will develop a feeling of anxiety in your mind.

And once you develop the fear, then you will be mentally disturbed. And this stage, if not treated at the earliest, will lead to various fatal side effects.

For example, if you are suffering from the fear of something and you are stressed and depressed. Then this stage may lead to various acts that may be immoral or disturbing.

Emotional freedom technique for happy life
Emotional freedom technique for a happy life

Working Structure Of Emotional Freedom Technique

The emotional freedom technique often emphasizes tapping the meridian points of your body as the energy needs to be restored to boost up your mood. The effectiveness of it can be seen in restoring your energy level and reducing your emotional and physicals struggles. It both restore and balance your energy level hat your need to overcome all these struggles.

The emotional freedom technique can activate these meridian points that can do wonders to develop positive thinking and vibes in your mind and body.

Negative emotions can be hazardous for your physical and emotional health. Negative emotions can make you do various unrealistic acts that may be derogatory on your mark.

Emotional freedom technique for anxiety
Emotional freedom technique for anxiety

Effects Of Negative Emotions

Negative emotions are not good for your body and mind. They may have serious consequences on your overall health. The various study showed that negative emotions might result in several diseases that may be life-taking as well.

Negative emotions disturb your blood sugar level that may result in hypertension. Negative emotions may also imbalance your weight and body mass index. And if your weight is not maintained, then it may be dangerous for your physical and mental health. People that suffer from negative emotional problems may not lead a healthy life.

As these emotions will completely disturb your hormones. And a good flow of blood and maintaining hormones are vital for your mind and body.

Negative emotions
Negative emotions

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How Emotional Freedom Technique Controls Emotions?

The emotional Freedom technique can refresh your mind by activating the meridian points. Eft tapping on the meridian points on the body can help to restore the energy and make you feel confident.

This will reduce the anxiety and stress levels in your body by balancing the hormones. By tapping on the points, specifically weak points, its kinetic energy that is required affects the meridian that reduces stress, and releases unwanted thoughts.

This method is more effective as compared to others because of being more feasible to cope with your daily life. The emotional freedom technique requires no equipment and external things. It can be easily done to improve your state of mind.

The emotional freedom technique is a great combination of Eastern and Western practices and methods. The emotional freedom technique is highly effective for people who cannot improve their well-being and anxiety issues.

Stress and anxiety
Emotional freedom technique to cope with depression.

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Steps Of Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Identification Of The Issue

You must identify the issue you are supposed to work on. Like it may be due to fear, anxiety, stress, external factors. You must know the point of your struggle.

  • Know Your Feelings

You must know how do you feel? After realizing the point of the issue. You must understand its effects and how does it feels when you go through this. Is it the thing that brings disappointment to you? You must comprehend the intensity of your pain.

  • Try To Level Or Rate Your Issue

You must know the quantum of your pain. You must rate your issue according to its level. You must mark how painful it is and how many points it should get.

  • Create A Positive Mindset

It would be best if you filled your mind for some positive outcomes. You must try once by your side not to think negatively. Try to give yourself an affirmative statement. Try to have positive thoughts and emotions. And the most important thing is to try to give self-assurance to your mind and body.

  • Tapping point

Now here, the phase gets started. Here the tapping on the meridian points (8 points) starts. Try to perform the emotional freedom technique gently and without any excess pressure. The most important thing is to try to maintain the sequence.

  • Rate Your Issue After Completion

Once you are done with the emotional freedom technique procedure, you must rate your issue once again. Then try to compare before and after results. You may observe the intensity would not be that high as before.

  • Repeat Emotional Freedom Technique

Keep repeating the emotional freedom technique till you reach 0 about your intensity of pain. You must do it till your body completely accept the statement that “You can make your own life to be filled with positivity.”

Tapping on these meridian points will heal your pain, both internally and externally. Eft tapping can definitely improve your mindset and health if done properly.


Various people suffer from mental health problems. But these people struggle more due to a lack of knowledge about how to deal with these. The emotional freedom technique would definitely help you become a better person. While practicing the emotional freedom technique, you must know about 8 meridian points. And never skip tapping on the karate chop point.

The emotional freedom technique is a great method for people who cannot find solutions for their issues as you can practice these points by yourself. And you are not going to depend on anyone for assurance or help. You can identify your own causes. The emotional freedom technique is more convenient for people that feel uncomfortable in sharing their pain.

As they can identify their pain and do the emotional freedom technique by their own choice. And also, this emotional freedom technique is safe and gentle to practice.


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