5 Ways a Healthy Lifestyle Can Save You Money

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There are plenty of benefits to living a healthy lifestyle, but you may not have considered that those benefits include a positive effect on your wallet. Many unhealthy habits are expensive. In addition, you may save money on your healthcare, insurance, transportation, food and many other things if you make healthier choices.

Cost of Unhealthy Habits

Alcohol, cigarettes, and junk food cost money. You don’t even have to completely cut out all of your vices to save. Just reducing your consumption of alcohol along with fancy and sugar-laden coffees, chips, pastries and other snacks can mean spending less. To increase your motivation, throw the cash that you don’t spend in a jar to watch it build up over weeks and months.

Insurance Costs

Some life insurance companies will offer lower premiums if you can show that you are living a healthier lifestyle. In the view of insurance companies, the healthier you are, the less likely they will have to pay out, so it’s to their advantage to take you on as a customer. You can then invest the money saved or even buy bitcoin.

You may be able to get better rates for long-term care insurance as well. You can review a guide on the pros and cons of getting this type of insurance, which can be helpful if you ever need long-term medical care going forward.

Food Costs

At a glance, it might seem like food costs are lower if you make choices that aren’t as good for you. Frozen dinners and cups of instant soup or noodles may cost pennies alongside more expensive options, such as nutritional options that are particularly trendy at the moment or organic food. However, if you look beyond to simple, wholesome food, you may find that it’s much cheaper than you expect. 

Do some research and have a healthy grocery list on hand each time you go so you can sync up pre-determined options with weekly sales. Things like broccoli, bananas, dried beans, and potatoes along with whole grains are loaded with nutrients and cost very little. Cooking for yourself instead of going for takeaway will save you money as well.

Transportation Costs

It’s not possible for everyone, but if you can cycle to work, you’ll get in better condition and save money on transportation, whether you would normally drive or take public transit. For some, walking or even running to work could also be an option. If you live too far from your workplace for any of these to be feasible, you might still be able to drive or take public transit part of the way and walk or cycle the rest of the way if it would mean saving money.

Health Care Costs

The risk of many chronic illnesses is reduced by exercising and eating better, and the effects of any existing conditions may be lessened by following this type of lifestyle. This in turn can lead to lower health care costs overall. You may need fewer visits to the doctor and fewer prescription medication or no medication at all. In addition, your immune system might be stronger, which would mean that you catch fewer things that are going around and recover from them more quickly.


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