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21 Best Life Coach Websites to Visit

Life coaching is becoming more popular online for the convenience of both the coach and the client because one-to-one coaching is not required, unlike sports coaching. There is a huge misunderstanding about what a life coach performs. It differs somewhat from typical therapy. Guidance, empowerment, and improvement are three excellent ways to describe how a life coach may help you.

In all facets of life, a life coach is likely to thrive and be of assistance, including:

  • Increasing self-esteem, worth, and confidence
  • Relationships
  • A balance in life
  • Self-care
  • Finding a life’s purpose
  • Stress/grief management
  • Diet and Food

Here is a collection of 21 excellent coaching websites that exhibit well-written content, compelling graphics, and killer branding. We sincerely hope that these fantastic coaching website examples will inspire you as you look for methods to enhance your own website. After all, the more clients you bring in, the more influence you can have.

1. Life coach websites: Mel Noakes

Self-care expert Mel aims to empower women to live rich, remarkable lives.

Why it works:

Mel’s home page contains substantial information without appearing packed or cramped. We get a sense of who she is, what she stands for, and how she can help even before we scroll down the page. Because of good branding and visuals, she can convey much to us without using words.

2. Life coach websites: David Ball

David Ball is a male-focused life coach and mentor. David’s website is an intriguing illustration of how the client you choose can influence your website. He has more than 20 years of experience and has assisted more than 7,000 guys.

Why it works:

One of the first features of David’s website that caught our attention was a link in the menu labelled “if you’re not sure.” He lists some typical justifications for why men hire him on this page; doing so is a great approach to getting beyond whatever prejudices people may have about men’s coaching.

3. Life coach websites: Gabby Bernstein

Gabby is a best-selling author and well-known international speaker whose mission is to promote daily spiritual growth. She has started a global movement with her live events and programs.

Why it works:

Gabby’s website demonstrates the amazing results that can be attained when you concentrate on producing content and cultivating a community. Pick any of her blog postings, and you’ll find excellent writing and a flood of reader comments. That Gabby has responded to each of them is perhaps even more astounding.

4. Life coach websites: Shannon Wilkinson

Since the invention of the iPod, Shannon has been a life coach and has aided hundreds of people in building the lives they want.

Why it works:

Finding your online voice can be challenging, but when you do, the correct words and message can ignite a spark in the minds of your customers. Shannon’s voice may be heard across her website, giving visitors a chance to get to know her before getting in touch.

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Image Source: Tim Goedhart/ Unsplash

5. Life coach websites: Patrice Washington

Best-selling author Patrice is also a motivational speaker and “hope-restoring coach to women” who want to improve the world.

Why it works:

The coaching website for Patrice is a magnificent, high-end illustration of what can be accomplished when great photography and excellent branding are combined. Her dynamic photo, which allows her personality to shine, makes her home page instantly compelling. She is someone we want to be around, someone who has discovered the key to happiness.

6. Life coach websites: Dominique Ara

Dominique firmly thinks you must empower an organization from the inside out if you want to transform it. She has so far assisted more than 8,000 professionals in finding the resources they require to reach their full potential.

Why it works:

Your coaching practice may occasionally focus more on what you teach than on who you are. The branding and website of Dominique fully embrace the notion that it can be challenging to see the forest for the trees at times. She skillfully weaves the idea throughout her branding, creating a striking, distinctive visual style.

7. Life coach websites: Hannah Beko

Hannah is determined to help legal counsellors forestall and recuperate from burnout. A mentor, coach, and legal counsellor, she intends to assist depleted or disappointed legal advisors in tracking down their way.

Why it works:

Your site can’t skirt the real issue when you need to work with a particular gathering. On the off chance that you do, you risk burning through others’ time and your own. Hannah’s site and content effectively tell individuals the clients she is searching for (she works with legal counsellors) and address the issue of burnout head-on.

8. Life coach websites: Matthew Kimberley

Matthew is a business coach and public speaker with love for entrepreneurship who assists small business owners in increasing sales.

Why it works:

What role may your website play in establishing you as an authority in the industry? We believe Matthew’s website is a good illustration. Dark graphics and bright accents generate a sense of luxury, and a concentration on endorsements from top businessmen convinces you that Matthew and his programs are worthwhile.


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9. Life coach websites: Emily Jacob

Emily assists rape victims as a trained One of Many coaches. She assists women in transitioning from being survivors to leading lovely, connected lives as a change agent.

Why it works:

Emily is a formidable force, and her website illustrates how the narrative can be changed. Emily has focused on rape and rapists with a striking, vibrant design and moving, emotional prose. Her website serves as a potent reminder that there is life after rape and strength in healing rather than a sombre recollection of a horrific deed.

10. Life coach websites: Joanna Martin

Dr Joanna Martin is a well-known visionary, coach, and change catalyst. Over 70,000 people worldwide have been personally influenced by her message and activities.

Why it works:

Her own website (, albeit probably less well known than her other businesses, contains a tonne of social proof and client testimonials attesting to her exceptional transforming powers. Client endorsements on coaching websites can be quite helpful in influencing potential customers to commit.

11. Life coach websites: Heather Waring

Heather is a licensed women’s coach who specialises in self-care. Her coaching clients have noticed a significant improvement in their lives in only a few hours by encouraging ladies to schedule time for walking.

Why it works:

WomenWalking: WomenTalking, one of the standout websites on our list, welcomes visitors with an engaging experience that encourages them to stop, think, and reflect. Working with Heather herself, it’s relaxing, unique, and tremendously fulfilling for such a brief time.

12. Life coach websites: Jess Rowe

Jess is a mother and a parenting consultant who works with mothers to reduce their children’s severe emotional behaviours via affection and connection.

Why it works:

It might be challenging to establish a connection with website visitors. You must be able to communicate with and persuade your target client that you are an authority figure in your field. In her “about” page, where she introduces herself to us, Jess excels at this. It establishes a lasting relationship since it is vulnerable and personal.

13. Life coach websites: Julia Carter

Julia is a pharmacist and coach with a distinctive combination of scientific expertise and experience. In collaboration with her clients, she offers coaching services that effective development interventions can support.

Why it works:

For your coaching website, excellent photography is more than just attractive images. On her website, Julia uses photos to engage visitors and create a story. Visitors are reminded of their responsibilities and can connect with Julia’s message more deeply by seeing professional women in various everyday scenarios.

14. Life coach websites: Brene Brown

Brené is another well-known author on our list. She has written five #1 New York Times bestsellers, and her 2010 TED presentation, The Power of Vulnerability, is among the five most-watched TED lectures ever.

Why it works:

Brené’s website has obviously been designed to work well while bringing a distinctive visual aesthetic (the paper tears are a lovely touch for an author). This website does a terrific job of bringing users where they need to go without getting in the way since good design is frequently invisible.

15. Life coach websites: Marie Forleo

Marie, a global celebrity who has met some of the biggest personalities in the world, needs no introduction.

Why it works:

Her huge volume of video output is just as impressive as her brand. More than 500,000 people subscribe to Marie’s “Marie TV” YouTube channel, which features hundreds of videos. The blog area of her tasteful website contains all of these videos. She is a powerful inspiration which is still going strong.

16. Life coach websites: Denise Duffield Thomas

The “money mindset mentor for women,” as Denise refers to herself. She has created courses, books, and blogs about practical financial ideas.

Why it works:

Denise demonstrates that you don’t need fancy bells and whistles to make an effective coaching website. Additionally, there is no mention of 1-on-1 coaching services on her website. To increase her effect and reach more people, Denise uses her books, courses, and seminars instead.

17. Life coach websites: Craig White

Craig has accumulated more than 30 years of coaching high-performance athletes. Craig offers to coach the body, the mind, and beyond to assist men in getting to know and appreciate themselves better.

Why it works:

It can provide some special problems to designing a coaching website where your ideal clientele is men. It can be difficult to overcome any stigma associated with men’s health and coaching, but Craig does so immediately. A common MENtality is a part on his home page where he lists certain concerns that his readers might identify with but are reluctant to discuss. This list can facilitate communication and demonstrate that they are not the only ones experiencing these things.

18. Life coach websites: Melissa Ambrosini

Best-selling author Melissa is also a self-love expert, podcast presenter, motivational speaker, and teacher. She motivates women worldwide to pursue their goals and lead independent lives.

Why it works:

The website for Melissa screams sincerity. You can hear her voice, sense her vigour, and learn more about her with every word. It’s nicely written, and coupled with the lovely images; it develops a coaching website and personal brand that are exclusively your own. What more could you want? It’s warm, lovely, and has a full-screen call to action on the main page.

19. Life coach websites: Simon Sinek

Simon is a pioneer, best-selling author, teacher, and the founder of a worldwide movement that encourages people to follow their passions. His mission is to contribute to the creation of an inspiring, secure, and contented planet.

Why it works:

On the surface, Simon’s website appears quite professional and, in my opinion, somewhat boring to many individuals. However, the website comes to life as soon as you start to hover over buttons and open things up. There are squiggles and wiggles and bursts of colour here and there. It’s a lot of fun. The website for Simon is an excellent illustration of a coaching website that creates joy through interaction and intelligent design.

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Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi:

20. Life coach websites: Mira Joleigh

A free-spirited life coach named Mira works with driven young women in their 20s and 30s. When she hired a life coach, she completely changed her life and is now working to help others do the same.

Why it works:

Mira’s website does an excellent job of introducing us to her. Once you’ve heard her speak in the video on the home page, you can’t help but hear her voice when you read the rest of the website. Mira shares her tale and gives hope to those who can identify with unabashed vigour and joy. We look forward to seeing how her brand and website change over time.

21. Life coach websites: Cortney Mcdermott

You can learn from this life coach website that you need the credentials to back up any claims that you are the greatest of the best. This is something that Cortney Mcdermott excels at, creating a stunning, straightforward, and user-friendly website.

Why it works:

It’s important that the website’s navigation and flow feel easy. Her eyes in her hero image cleverly entice you to press the play button on the video. That video demonstrates her excellent public speaking skills right away. The list of organizations underneath the hero image confirms her experience.

Hopefully, this article was able to shed some light on some of the best life coach websites available online. To read more related articles, click here.